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Windows 7 theme + applications

Just finished, and am too wasted to see if anything isn't right... wanted to get rid of the windows feel as soon as possible... lmk if you see anything.

P.S. I've switched to StrokeIt (an OS-wide gesture engine, tiny and well-coded), so window state controls appear only on hover (if I ever need them).

Have a lucky day everyone | v

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Comments (16)

pacman74 says:

looks great

Wed, Oct 28th at 02:57pm (8 years ago)
DFTG says:

wooow awesome i would love the theme :o can you upload it somehwere? and tell how to install?

Thu, Nov 5th at 09:50am (8 years ago)

Thanks, but at the moment it's not (yet) ready to be wrapped.

Thu, Nov 5th at 11:45am (8 years ago)

FireFox look's oh so sexy,Now I'm

going to have try and make a replica. ^^

Fri, Nov 6th at 01:47am (8 years ago)
YordiEdit says:

do you need a programm for it to install it?
and do you need to patch uxtheme.dll?

Mon, Nov 9th at 09:23am (8 years ago)

Yordi, for the theme itself no program is needed to be installed, it's an msstyle + edited explorer.exe (start button) + some fox tweaks. The theme dlls should be patched, like you said.

Btw, some really nice w7 themes are starting to show up at deviant (listed at vista section for now). I predict there be huge number of those due to this insane w7 popularity.

Mon, Nov 9th at 12:12pm (8 years ago)
YordiEdit says:

with the explorer.exe
do you need to replace the original explorer.exe so you cant choose the explorer.exe that i had be4?

Tue, Nov 10th at 10:59am (8 years ago)

You only need to replace the start button bitmaps there:

After that it'd be wise to restore the original owner and permissions:

but most people skip that step from what I see.

Tue, Nov 10th at 11:21pm (8 years ago)

Ups, the 1st lisk parsed badly, here's is the shortcut:

Tue, Nov 10th at 11:23pm (8 years ago)

Would It be possible to get your Firefox theme?

Sun, Nov 15th at 06:17am (8 years ago)

not yet

Sun, Nov 15th at 09:11am (8 years ago)
nithin2e says:

hei, wht's name of tht firefox theme??

Mon, Nov 16th at 04:57am (8 years ago)

We can see, but not touch. You cruel, cruel man.


Mon, Nov 16th at 04:40pm (8 years ago)
YordiEdit says:

when is it done...

Tue, Jan 26th at 01:43pm (8 years ago)
YordiEdit says:

aaah! plz release it :( im waiting months for it...(4 to be precise)

Thu, Feb 25th at 10:54am (7 years ago)
YordiEdit says:

damn the theme needs to be publicated! :S

Sat, Sep 18th at 07:01am (7 years ago)

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Created by vladimir k
on October 26th, 2009


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