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Debian Potato running Enlightenment 0.16.5 with a slightly modified aphex theme. In it I have three GKrellM's, each monitoring a different machine on my LAN, Gaim, I'm playing Super Mario 2 in the nestra emulator, BitchX using the coherent script in an Eterm, many more colored/shaded/transparent Eterms each logged into another machine, pics of Tux and Freefall (of Gen-13) in ee, xeyes, XMMS with the BlurScope plugin, and a quick shot of my customized enlightenment menus.

Comments (16)

xh3g says:

I realize this site is largely Windows-centric, although i can't fthom why ;), but hopefully this shot will nudge just a few of you into trying Linux or one of the other Unix varients. With all the apps, terminal windows, games, pics that i have running in that shot (and remember, that's only one desktop of 6), i expereinced no system slow-down, no choppy mouse behavior, and my mp3 sounded flawless the whole time. Linux is a true mutli-tasking OS that can show you just how much your $2000 computer can handle at once. Running Linux, you'll have no more reason for these goofy "simplistic" screenshots that i see so many of here. I mean, they're nothing more than wallpapers with maybe one program or a menu displayed in front of them. How is that anything to look at? Linux is better, Linux is free, X is faster, and Enlightenment is seksi ;) .. SOOPRcow: maybe the OS can handle multi-taking a bit better than some users ;P And why should it be organized? Screenshots should show off what can be done, not how it's used in everyday life. I have at least six desktops running at any one time (see the desktop pager in the upper-left), so these apps don't always need to be right in front of you. Just put them on a different desktop and switch back and forth. Easy as that.

Mon, Sep 3rd at 10:58am (16 years ago)
SOOPRcow says:

This in no way makes me want to use Linux. Not to sound to harsh but it looks like crap and itís very unorganized

Mon, Sep 3rd at 12:10pm (16 years ago)

if Linux was a good gaming platform i would use it. Too bad it isnt

Tue, Sep 4th at 10:41am (16 years ago)
Fedr0 says:

Actually the only thing I do with Linux is to run my dedicated Strike Force LAN server. Otherwise it's completely useless.

Wed, Sep 5th at 08:25am (16 years ago)

sik wall, wer kan i get it?

Thu, Sep 6th at 01:41am (16 years ago)
Aero says:

damn...thats ugly

Sat, Sep 8th at 06:12pm (16 years ago)
Shwimmy says:

Linux may well "0wn" but that doesn't give you shit rights to fuck with people who run windows. Simplicity is easily explained... being a cluttered little moron with an ugly ass desktop, you wouldn't understand it, would you? Minimalism is an organized, beautiful alternative to chaos. Art on the desktop is easily and wonderfully accomplished by organization and minimalism. Try putting some directories on your hd.. leaving everything in root is a bit confusing, wouldn't you say so? If windows went open source.. I'm sure you'd buy the slackware vers too, dipshit

Sat, Sep 8th at 08:39pm (16 years ago)
Matrix says:

as a *nix user I gotta admit your
theming skills well don't exist and this has to be by far the nastiest looking *nix desktop I've seen. maybe you should go back to using windows.

Sat, Sep 8th at 09:53pm (16 years ago)
iridium says:

What a Piece of SHIT!
I think I'm gonna puke!!!!!!
MacOS 0wns j00!!!!!!!

Thu, Sep 20th at 12:13pm (16 years ago)
Neiro says:

Holy fuck, this is the ugliest Shit I've ever seen. Fucking DOS looks better than this. There's so much fucking crap on this. You're Such A FUCKER!!! And you have a FUCKING GHEI NAME YOU DICK! AND THE TITLE IS FUCKING SHITTY! YOU SUCK SHRIVELED COCK!

Thu, Sep 20th at 12:16pm (16 years ago)
dick831 says:

Your screenshot sucks, Linux sucks and more importantly...you suck!

Sat, Oct 13th at 11:05pm (16 years ago)

Uuhh, you cluttered, unorganized, un-minimalistic whore you! linux may be better, but not when you're using it.

Wed, Oct 24th at 10:46am (16 years ago)
prae says:

FUCK!!! OMG you are a disgrace to the linux community, and all computer users around the globe! Burn in Hell!!!

Wed, Oct 24th at 10:51am (16 years ago)


Wed, Oct 24th at 10:56am (16 years ago)

ahh! This is painful to look at. You have no sense of style or organization. Stick to what you do best, cleaning my toilet you f00l.

Wed, Oct 24th at 11:00am (16 years ago)
SCREWxh3g says:

FUCKER! Get That RAM out of Your Wrinkled Bloated Ass! Who gets a high off getting your ass bloody and dripping crap mixed with blood!?

Wed, Oct 24th at 11:05am (16 years ago)

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Created by xh3g
on September 3rd, 2001


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