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Artist's Note

IMPORTANT NOTE:YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SKIN HERE: (mediafire.com/download/j5bl5734w7f0n9w/Stupping_Theme.zip)
You can't see the link tiles until hovering them! so make sure tu check your upper left display-corner after starting one of my themes! This is my first interactive Rainmeter-bound Desktopbackground. Iam German so please excuse spelling mistakes! I created the bubbles with their text on them via Photoshop CS6 and created a button for each single bubble! Took some time but its ok! Iam new so obviously i did not used one of the easiest ways to reach my target! (the red X bubble is my bin)

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Screenshot Ingredients

  • Screenshot /
    BubbleDesk - Its by me, made in PS CS6
  • Color /
    Colors of the bubbles - I took the colors of the programm logos to create the spheres


MuDahB4h says:

Make it downloadable

Sun, May 25th at 04:28pm (3 years ago)

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Created by Stupping
on May 25th, 2014


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