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Artist's Note

The main theme is UltimateClean Basic Black created by my favorite Extreme Theme artist, gsw953. I tend to use many of his elements as he has a proclivity to create dark custom themes which appeal to me more than others. While I could package all of the meters for you in a skin, I have found that part of the satisfaction of creating one of these backgrounds for my ThinkPad is tracking down all the pieces and setting it how I want it before saving the layout in Rainmeter.
Mentioning the saving of layouts in Rainmeter leads me to leave all of you a very important tip: It would be wise to back-up your layout folder to another drive location in case of something disastrous occurring. The path is C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter\Layouts. AppData is a hidden folder for those of you who don’t know this. Another seemingly obvious tip is to always resize your background to fit your screen resolution. If this is done, the picture layout of either “fill” or “stretch” in Windows will not alter the appearance of your wallpaper. There are many free picture resizing sites on the web so take your pick.
Over the last three years, I have collected many theme elements and I don’t remember where I procured all of the start orbs that I have in my collection; my apologies. With the exception of where to find the red and black “HACKED” start orb, the ingredients of this Layout are as follows:
1. “Future Music” wallpaper by hussky.
2. UltimateClean BasicBlack theme and Black icons by gsw953 from CreativX.
3. Rainmeters from WarMachine Amation-Red by Arsin on Customize.org.
4. Red Black Weather Rainmeter by Jeffrey Morley, modified by Dark Star on DeviantArt.
5. Red Black Winamp Circles by Jiri Mahel.
6. Blue Dream Picture Frame by r3ginald.
7. Redalienskins/red clock by jER ().
8. "My stock meters" in red for CPU, RAM, AND TEMP readings by gsw953.
9. Rediron cursor pack by JacksMafia on DeviantArt.

Many thanks to the Artists for creating these elements. I hope you all enjoy this one.

My tip above regarding backing up your layout folder is, of course, given with the assumption that you already know to back-up your main Rainmeter folder that holds all of your installed skins which is located at: C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Rainmeter.

Comments (7)

groners says:

excelente personalisacion amigo , perdo donde lo puedo descargar porfas??

Thu, May 1st at 10:51pm (3 years ago)


Sat, May 3rd at 09:56am (3 years ago)

downloads ????

Sat, May 3rd at 10:02am (3 years ago)

please download ?

Tue, May 13th at 10:52pm (3 years ago)
h2461878 says:

thank you

Sat, May 31st at 08:50pm (3 years ago)
nozimo says:

How I Can download this awesome Rainmeter skin ?
I am amazed :P sooo just help me with that ! :D

Fri, Jan 16th at 06:21am (2 years ago)
kichirou says:

can you give a link to "5. Red Black Winamp Circles by Jiri Mahel." please? can't find anywhere and it fits well with my project :D

Sat, Aug 1st at 01:35pm (2 years ago)

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