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Artist's Note

I was really struck by ResoBrain’s “Rotkäppchen” construction and have wanted to put together a Steampunk rendition of my own for a while now. I did not create any of the art that I used in this Steampunk construction; I merely located the pieces I needed: wallpaper, icons, rainmeter skins, Main Theme, etc.
Thank you, ResoBrain, for directing me to Mordasius’ Steampunk Rainmeter constructions.
As I am not the artist of any of these pieces, I will not upload them to anyone so don’t ask, please. For this purpose, Google is your friend; I am not. I have great respect for the artists that created all of these works that I have used and they are not mine to share. If you expected to find an .exe file that will create these wonderful backgrounds for you, you are in the wrong place and quite possibly should not be allowed to use a computer.
The main theme that I used for the SteamPunk Pilot creation is called Mechanism Sepia by the great extreme Themer, gsw953 and some of his friends. It has a great Steampunk feel and worked perfectly in this composition. In addition to the base theme: Mechanism Sepia, I used the sound scheme from Nefarious created by NOFX1994. It has some great steam engine sounds that complete the desired effect of a Steampunk theme.
The animated GearEx cursors created by Artur Berk puts the icing on this arrangement.

1. Background from Wallbase.
2. SteamPunk Rainmeter renderings from Mordasius.
3. Mechanism custom theme by gsw953, Icebabee, Hammerjack and others.
4. Nefarious sound scheme by NOFX1994.
5. RocketDock icons by yereverluvinuncleber and burntheashes0
6. GearEx cursor by Artur Berk.
7. Token Light icons by gsw953.
8. Black and Gold library icons by Icebabee.

I am not an artist, just a tech that knows what looks good...


ResoBrain says:

Hey Steampunker---very well done.
i like it.
Look at my other Steampunkscreenshots.
Only for your Impression to make another one !

Mon, Feb 24th at 07:42am (3 years ago)
bigchief says:

Thanks ResoBrain. You are a good teacher. I looked through all your stuff and I really like your style. I really like Microsphere 2, August Motag, and Sbsolute_Space. Maybe, if it is not too much trouble; you could tell me all the skins you used as there are a few additional meters in Microsphere that you don't list and I have no idea what meters to track down for August Montag and Sbsolute Space. I want to recreate them for my background and resolution but I like to have them exactly as the artist displays them and not alter them as I first saw them. I also did a bunch of research on the pic you used for Red Riding Hood (Rotkappchen) [Sorry no umlaut as I don't have German language installed for my keyboard but ich spreche deutsch ein bisschen]. I will tell you what I discovered in the comments of Red Cap but I agree that Rotkappchen works and is equally disturbing.

Wed, Feb 26th at 06:05pm (3 years ago)

how the heck do i down load this i cant find a download link

Tue, Jul 8th at 06:33pm (3 years ago)

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Created by bigchief
on February 24th, 2014


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