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Screenshots / TWM on Windows XP-ArchLinux

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Artist's Note

I've recently taken an interest in tiling window managers. I'm still stuck on Windows for various reasons so I thought I would try to implement a Semi-Tiled setup in XP.

I tried numerous tiling window managers for XP. None of them met my needs 100%. The best one i found was a program written by [link] called HashTWM.

I hacked the source code to meet my needs making it so it essentially just strips the frame off of windows i tell it to. The automated window arrangement is then handled by bblean.

Here's a run down of some of the components I'm using in this shot:


* Colinux (thanks for the inspiration [link])
* Archlinux
* AwesomeWM
* gvim
* zsh (thanks [link])
* Xing
* Putty


* E Text Editor
* IRSSI ([link])
* bblean
* bblan skin Mod of celadore by cosmo-krusty
* Wallpaper is Flora Nine by ~Delta909
* Launcher is Executor
* Shutdown is gehrunnerjunge
* BBInterface
* BB WinTyler
* I use samurize for the HUD and to glue it all together

This is still a WIP, the font situation is bad, i can't see any way of doing this setup without using at least 3-4 different fonts do to windows/bblean's handling of fixed width fonts and linux's handling of ttf fonts...


Jayrome says:

Totally awesome!!!1 :D

Tue, Feb 3rd at 10:14am (8 years ago)
cthu1hu says:

That is amazing and very inspiring. Kudos to you.

Tue, Feb 3rd at 04:15pm (8 years ago)
math0ne says:

Thanks for the comments guys!

Fri, Feb 6th at 04:42am (8 years ago)

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Created by math0ne
on February 3rd, 2009


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