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Artist's Note

\\ Wp: sexy, by ~xnhan00
\\ Vs: ATF "nfr", by: *naalo | ~ninjaboi
\\ Ls: ATF "nfr", by: *naalo | ~ninjaboi
\\ MirandaIM: ATF "nfr", by:~crazyboat
\\ Foobar: ATF "nfr", by:*naalo | ~ninjaboi
\\ Icons: ATF "nfr", by:*naalo | ~ninjaboi + photo pro, by: ??
\\ Startpage: ATF "nfr", by:*naalo | ~ninjaboi

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Comments (5)

raoul says:

Sweet, been a long time since I seen an ATF shot.

Sat, Jan 10th at 10:22pm (9 years ago)
xnhan00 says:


Sat, Jan 10th at 10:53pm (9 years ago)

Yeah ATF is a classic for sure,

Sun, Jan 11th at 08:22pm (9 years ago)

freaking awesome!!

Mon, Jan 12th at 04:46am (9 years ago)
sophia2 says:

really nice {visually} .. w\out all that technical talk ?

Tue, Jul 6th at 05:46pm (7 years ago)

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Created by crazyboat
on January 10th, 2009


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