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Artist's Note

vs : gaia minimal
wall: big_and_cool-1680x1050
CAD : minimal black
ico : J3Cons071-0
wigt: hud.vision

//image eye
//rocket dock
//rocket launcher

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Comments (8)

othum says:

very nice...love the wall...

Sat, Nov 1st at 04:40am (9 years ago)
Seiger says:

very nice, but your last submitted screen was much better ;)

Sat, Nov 1st at 05:00am (9 years ago)
xaeroevo says:

welcome! and thanks for the info seiger!

Sat, Nov 1st at 07:30am (9 years ago)
gabb says:

thank you for use my wallpaper :)

Sat, Nov 1st at 07:54am (9 years ago)
rmpbklyn says:

what is that white widget?
what is notepad2? I like the sliders - is the a theme
very cool

Sat, Nov 1st at 12:57pm (9 years ago)
xaeroevo says:

thanks gabb! ~re-edited my info with your wall link ;)

the theme is "Gaia mini", when you use it, select "minimal version".
notepad2 is better than the regualr notepad.exe but not as powerful as notepad++ lol


the white widget is "Launchy":

i can launch apps by holding ATT+Spacebar, then that white slider comes up, and type the app i wanna run... its very useful when your on a laptop! coz ur already on ur keyboard typing away. i feel its alittle troublesome to constantly use my mouse, pointing and clicking, going through my start-menu here and there to launch apps..

Sun, Nov 2nd at 06:55am (9 years ago)
Jayrome says:

Perfect! Thank you for the info! =)

Mon, Nov 3rd at 09:00am (9 years ago)
delasoul says:

i like the music player. what's the program?

Tue, Dec 30th at 03:23am (8 years ago)

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Created by xaeroevo
on November 1st, 2008


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