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Artist's Note

This is a mod of the wonderful Gaia08 skin.

Ps.: Unluckily for ya I'm not gay! :P

Comments (8)

Jayrome says:

Throw this GAIA away and be just like normal people. =DDDDDD

Sun, Oct 19th at 10:46am (9 years ago)
mushaboom says:

Tell me about this typing area resizeing. I use the original gaia08 ieview and tabsrmm and this damn thing wont let me resize it. It goes always back to default which is too high (like 2 text lines or so).

Sun, Oct 19th at 12:06pm (9 years ago)
mushaboom says:

I mean, how did you get it to be like that?

Sun, Oct 19th at 12:07pm (9 years ago)
keii says:


I love the blue & derivates :P!


This don't work?

If you need I can send you this mod ^^

Sun, Oct 19th at 12:42pm (9 years ago)
mushaboom says:

Somewhy it doesn't. I've tried it several times but no go. It should work atleast when not set to minimum (just a bit more than minimal), but for me this doesn't work either. Kinda weird.

Mon, Oct 20th at 08:50am (9 years ago)
mushaboom says:

Oh, tried it again and I think it worked now. Maybe it didn't work last time I tried because I had just installed the skin and everything. Sorry for spamming here.

Anyway, I like your skin/mod. And thanks for helping.
( :

Mon, Oct 20th at 08:55am (9 years ago)

Hi there, would it be possible that you can send me your mod too? I've been using tabsrmm for a while now but i havent gone that far into modifying it :( was there any reshacking on this?

Tue, Oct 28th at 01:09am (9 years ago)

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Tue, Jul 6th at 10:18pm (7 years ago)

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Created by keii
on October 19th, 2008

61168 This work is a modification of Miranda by Imrik.


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