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Screenshots / Screencap 2008.08.25.

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Artist's Note

One of the last screenshots of my win2k on my office notebook, Vista rollout is coming, dunno what will happen to BlackBox on the new OS.

Shell is BBClean with BBPager, BBInterface and SystemBarEx. Other visible stuff: RocketDock, Samurize, Pidgin, Winamp.
Icons: pry + various reflective ones on the dock
Wall: grnscr2 by NickCreevy

Not visible but "must have" shell extensions:
-Clipx: multiple clipboard
-Volumouse: Shift+Mousewheel volume changer
-Win-X-Move: Move and resize windows without having to touch the border or corner of the windows
-And a number of autohotkey scripts bound to custom hotkeys

How do you like that?

Comments (9)

squire23 says:

What skin are using for the media player?

Thu, Sep 25th at 09:59am (9 years ago)
ethsza says:

It's called reflexion and you can get it here:

Thu, Sep 25th at 10:08am (9 years ago)
niemeyer says:

hi, very good.
what plugin are you using to show weather?

Thu, Sep 25th at 02:18pm (9 years ago)
ethsza says:

That's not a plugin but Samurize.

Thu, Sep 25th at 03:24pm (9 years ago)
niemeyer says:

hm, but it's a plugin of Samurize? because my samurize don't come with the weather part i think... i did't find it.. where is it?
sorry , i m new with this things

Thu, Sep 25th at 07:57pm (9 years ago)
ethsza says:

Yep, sorry, you're right, that's a samurize plugin called weather 2004, written by torsius. You'll find that on samurize.com.

Fri, Sep 26th at 01:27am (9 years ago)
niemeyer says:

hm, thanks. Now i'm using this weather 2004.
What weathers icons are you using?

Fri, Sep 26th at 01:31pm (9 years ago)
ethsza says:

They are from the "widescape weather" yahoo widget (formerly called konfabulator).

The widget file is a zip or a rar, I don't remember, but you can rename it and try to uncompress.
It takes some time to rename the weather images, as the naming convention for konfabulator and samurize is different, but worthwhile to do it. But don't distribute it like that please.

Sun, Sep 28th at 06:52am (9 years ago)
Kwark-E says:

hey, i love your desktop :) what character type do you use in Samurize ??


Sun, Oct 19th at 07:56am (9 years ago)

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Created by ethsza
on September 25th, 2008


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