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Artist's Note

wallpaper - disrupted by eric sin
email icon - aesthetic groove by heylove
fonts - arial, helvetica
rest by me
how does this top bar thing work????
- a click on the progress bar opens winamp
- a click on the areas on which are several apps named open the respective app
- date & clock
- email checker, a click on the email icon opens thunderbird

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Comments (17)

Thinker says:

Wow, that is some kind of awesome. I'm assuming that it's all Samurize on the top?

Sat, Jun 28th at 01:19pm (9 years ago)
nitzua says:

i dig the caption buttons & the overall feel of the vs.

the blue kinda throws me off tho..

Sat, Jun 28th at 01:26pm (9 years ago)

some nice ideas, but somethings like the scroolbars could be better. Also, that brown have too much yeallow for my taste

Sat, Jun 28th at 01:26pm (9 years ago)
wooko says:

very artistic ideas. don't like much the playlist though

Sat, Jun 28th at 01:30pm (9 years ago)
finch says:

I love the colours and textures in this shot. Keep up the good work?

Sat, Jun 28th at 01:35pm (9 years ago)

Thinker: yup
nitzua: true dat, I should've changed the column titles to something brownish.. :/
Caliban___: I really like these kinds of scrollbars, although they're not very detailed.
finch: Yes.

Sat, Jun 28th at 01:39pm (9 years ago)
Thomax says:

your work is always top notch

Sat, Jun 28th at 02:55pm (9 years ago)
plain-doh says:

The top half looks better to me. Nice samurize. :D

Sat, Jun 28th at 05:51pm (9 years ago)

I really enjoy seeing SS from people who take a wall that they like and design an entire UI experience based around that. VERY nice.

Sun, Jun 29th at 12:20am (9 years ago)
fate0000 says:

very good.

Sun, Jun 29th at 08:48am (9 years ago)

OoOoOoOoOhhh, Awesome Awesome Awesome!

Sun, Jun 29th at 01:35pm (9 years ago)
qslig says:

that topbar is awesome. the rest is far from your best but pretty good.

agree w/ nitz & cali

Sun, Jun 29th at 02:43pm (9 years ago)
nosphere says:

nice and avant garde! as always, great work bernadinho

Tue, Aug 19th at 09:49pm (9 years ago)
xxxXXxxx says:


Thu, Aug 21st at 09:34pm (9 years ago)
elchanga says:

how do download

Sat, Aug 30th at 11:48am (9 years ago)
ya2sabes says:

how did you use samurize for the buttons on top?

Tue, Sep 2nd at 05:38pm (9 years ago)
8bit says:

very nice!

Sun, Sep 14th at 09:15am (9 years ago)

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Created by bernadinho
on June 28th, 2008


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