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finally got some time to try out bb4win and I have to say i <3 it =)

vs | peekaboo
bb | oxide - modded
wall | houseware
winamp | black ice - changed the colours around a bit
ffox | void - some small hacks, custom startpage
miranda | 100% trans ^^
some reshacked stuff

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Great shot, I love that BB style :)

Just a little tip, to get rid of the caption icons appearing in your taskbar, just hold alt, then click on it, it'll toggle the icons off/on

Tue, Jun 24th at 09:26pm (9 years ago)
naalo says:

Wow, your Notepad talks to you!

Wed, Jun 25th at 04:06am (9 years ago)
wooko says:

kul :D

Wed, Jun 25th at 05:42am (9 years ago)

@evilmnky: lol thanks for the tip. I was wondering how to get rid of those, but I was looking through the code O.o didn't occur to me to alt-click ^^

@naalo: hehe it does that sometime ;)

Wed, Jun 25th at 11:52am (9 years ago)
fate0000 says:

like the sharp pixeliness against the vector images.

Wed, Jun 25th at 10:04pm (9 years ago)

Lol, I like the notepad text xD.

Wed, Jun 25th at 11:57pm (9 years ago)
umei says:

Really like this shot. Decadence has always been one of my favorite suites. :)

I was curious where I could get ahold of that winamp skin? Is it your own mod?

Wed, Jul 2nd at 12:43pm (9 years ago)

@ umei winamp is black ice by Raoul:

and yes, I did change the colours around (but just a bit, nothing big)

Fri, Jul 4th at 11:51am (9 years ago)

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