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Artist's Note

yeah so i thought i would contribute to ssc '08.

custom objectbar,samurize [clock and white tab which controls my foobar].
box in top right is my recycle bin. custom dock/tab. html quick links on desktop.
custom icons[ except for the restart,log off etc... those are mint tray icons.
art is session 150k by wirestyle.
wall is by Manicho called naturism.custom right click. also custom text editor.
I really wanted a highly usable desk that works for me, and not the other way around,so this is the result.
Anyways, a huge shout to the people who have subbed so far. They look fantastic!
Oh yeah and this is vista port of Malice 2xg windowblind originally done by amaeli.

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

Comments (19)

Thomax says:

Nice work PJ :) The taskbar could have been a few pixels smaller , but the rest is good

Tue, Apr 29th at 03:05pm (9 years ago)
Thinker says:

This is really awesome bro :-D I'm jealous :-P

Tue, Apr 29th at 03:11pm (9 years ago)
naalo says:

This is Vista? Makes me love it even more!

Tue, Apr 29th at 03:55pm (9 years ago)
m1n1mal says:


Tue, Apr 29th at 04:10pm (9 years ago)
wooko says:

would you share this port for windows blinds?

Tue, Apr 29th at 04:29pm (9 years ago)
raoul says:

Wtf, Vista?! Hehe, I didnt realise that when I saw you sub on DA. Best lookin Vista shot ive seen so far :P

Tue, Apr 29th at 05:27pm (9 years ago)
raoul says:

Haha, Im not, really :P If I was choosing the winners, Id have this in the top 3 along with Pepi and Noka/Riianf :P

Tue, Apr 29th at 07:35pm (9 years ago)
egolatra says:

i will steal your pc mang.

Tue, Apr 29th at 09:39pm (9 years ago)
Thinker says:

Perhaps . . . it depends on whether I finish up my screen or not by tomorrow. Unfortunately, I had to repartition about 3 days ago because Arch was pissing me off (even reintroduced Windows to my computer, finally). I want to make sure it is quality.

Tue, Apr 29th at 10:48pm (9 years ago)
qslig says:

vistalicious, pure sex <3

Wed, Apr 30th at 02:30am (9 years ago)
RayzZz says:

totally <3 this pjdark! :D
looks fantastic.

Wed, Apr 30th at 07:32am (9 years ago)
Kapoios says:

as i said on SSC08 this is what i'm going to show to anyone that says vista is uncustomizable :>

Wed, Apr 30th at 10:12am (9 years ago)
krissirk says:

i love this one , it's hot!

Wed, Apr 30th at 12:06pm (9 years ago)
k427 says:

gorgeous! ive been hesitant to try a dark windowed theme though this reassures how nice it can look. i might try and make a clone :) excellent work.

Wed, Apr 30th at 03:30pm (9 years ago)
nosphere says:

hehe, dunno why but there are some things similar to my current cnfg...i'll show it soon, loved of course man!

Thu, May 1st at 03:29pm (9 years ago)
pisho says:

really nice shot man and its incredible your setup on the "uncustomizable Vista"

Sun, May 11th at 07:21am (9 years ago)
fate0000 says:

great vista shot. great shot, period. =)

Sun, May 11th at 04:10pm (9 years ago)
naalo says:

best vista shot, period. =)

Fri, May 16th at 02:14am (9 years ago)
TXTR says:

very nice one pj.

Sat, Jul 19th at 12:55pm (9 years ago)

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Created by pjdark
on April 29th, 2008


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