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Artist's Note

*Sigh* Alright, I've jumped on the Tango bandwagon. I really like this shade of blue, very soothing. Hopefully I can keep this setup for longer than a few days. I really need to go minimal for a while, themes were driving me a bit batty (I have way too many).

Visual Style: Win Classic
Wall: Royale Blue gradient, by me
Icons: Tango! Featuring the Tango shell patcher by ~vertigosity
Dock: RK Launcher, Modern Clear BG, by me
Foobar 9.5.1: Layout config by me, Tango icons

Note 1: If you want to make a similar gradient wall, start your document out at a high DPI (I used 240), make your gradient and save it as a PNG. You won't get the annoying banding often found on walls of this type.

Note 2: Small start/program menu!
1. Right click on the taskbar and choose "Properties."
2. Go to the Start Menu tab, and select "Classic Start menu," then click the "Customize..." button.
3. Play with your settings. But to get it looking so minimal you MUST check the box for "Show Small Icons in start menu" !!
4. Click "OK" and enjoy.

Comments (5)

finch says:

Classic blue and Tango! It always goes well together. This is a great shot

Tue, Mar 4th at 01:16am (9 years ago)
naalo says:

Cool of you to note how you did it all, that's great for newcomers!

The dpi doesn't matter though for fluid gradients, it's saving it as png that matters (over jpeg), 72dpi is enough, more only matters for print.

Tue, Mar 4th at 02:36am (9 years ago)

I like tango !
Nice shot.

Tue, Mar 4th at 06:04am (9 years ago)
synorgy says:

I like the shot - especially that it's all original. Only one thing bugs me about it...
The throbber.

If its bugging you too - try searching for ThrobOff on google. That'll help.

Tue, Mar 4th at 05:16pm (9 years ago)
k3ttc4r says:

tango ftw! i seriously have thousands of tango icons on my HD. they're just so.. idk, they just match everything..

i love how clean your setup looks

Tue, Mar 4th at 05:28pm (9 years ago)

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