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Artist's Note

VS - Slan XP 2.0 Sub-Style 1 by lassekongo83

Wall - Dark Wood by zygat3r

Icons - MINDOCv2 Icon Packager of Docunium by Cyril Seillet and Minium by Rad.E8

YZ Toolbar - Simple Aqua by eastaf

Dock - RK Launcher 0.41
Leopard inspired RK Launcher by Yoni, KKMenu by kakacek & Leopard Stacks v2 KKMenu Skin by SkyJohn

RK Launcher Docklets - Volume v0.1.0 YZ Docklet by albeik
RecycleBin v0.4.1 YZ Docklet by albeik

Dock Icons - Orbz Application v1.1 and Orbz Generic by deelo (Others by me - awaiting permission)

Rainlendar - Foton by OmART (SlanXP2 edit by me)

Rainmeter - Notes by Moshi (SlanXP2 edit by me)
Klottz Picture Frame by Moshi (SlanXP2 edit by me)
Moxxa Weather by moxamax
RSS Reader - 2Tone by Kenz0 (SlanXP2 edit-removed buttons and date & changed colours with Kenz0's help)

Miranda - Client List Modern Layered
Modern Clear (Modern Black) by russelc (toolbar edit)

Foobar - fooAvA 1.03+ by dawxxx666

Fonts - Avantgarde LT Medium Caps, Calibri

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Comments (10)


ok, its confy, somethings dont match exactly but doesnt contrast that much. But what I really like in this post is the notes, this should be an example.

Thu, Jan 10th at 02:01pm (10 years ago)
Simieski says:

How the hell did you post so quick!! LOL

Thu, Jan 10th at 02:03pm (10 years ago)
Simieski says:

Glad u like my notes..... shame my skinning is not so good! What was it you felt didn't match?? I'm working on an edit of FooAVA.

Thu, Jan 10th at 02:07pm (10 years ago)
DS2D says:

I dig the SlanXP mod of the 2Tone Rainmeter. SlanXP is a very good skin, like the first version though.

Thu, Jan 10th at 02:21pm (10 years ago)
Kenz0 says:

Thanks for the fav!

Thu, Jan 10th at 08:19pm (10 years ago)
motorist says:

This is edited in photoshop I guess ...

Fri, Jan 11th at 04:53am (10 years ago)
Simieski says:

motorist: these were edited using Paint.net.

pjdark: thanks for the criticism , no need to be sorry. the blank black square is my secondary monitor being a lower res than my primary, I dont see it, only see it in screenshot. This is cos Im gettin my 2nd monitor fixed. There is only actually one notes on my screen, the other three are rss feeds, some people hate them, some love them, just a matter of opinion.

Fri, Jan 11th at 07:28am (10 years ago)
othum says:

goood job...i like this wall too...nice...

Fri, Jan 11th at 09:15am (10 years ago)
motorist says:

Swell ... =])

Fri, Jan 11th at 09:49am (10 years ago)
Simieski says:

Can't believe this is on page 6 of most viewed screenshots. Soooo ugly, only thing that remains on my desktop is edit of rss. Just shows what lots of tags and good notes can do.

Thu, Nov 13th at 10:34am (9 years ago)

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Created by Simieski
on January 10th, 2008


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