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Artist's Note

Well since it was uploaded another ss similar to IMPULSE i decided to upload mine too. Its kind of a mix of NAIM by naalo and IMPULSE by kowoolo.
VS: done by me modding axoncolor by uac marine copying aspects from IMPULSE and from NAIM.
The rest is by me using elements by those shots, like the logos are retired from imrik icons in NAIM, etc.
Startmenu and logoff menu are litestep that are hidden at start, at the bottom left its displaying the music info and appears a amp control there in mouse over.
In the startpage, the box near the left border is a search bar.
Dont know what more to say about this, just i am really liking using this setup.

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Comments (37)


oh...the caption bottons are from a logo in lip-j ss

Thu, Nov 8th at 05:37pm (10 years ago)
Sathrark says:

owwwaa. fuck.
i really love it man.
and i gruesomly wonder if you could send me this setup if i say Pretty please. BUT i understand if you keep it as an 'own treasure'. BUT it would be much nicer if you would release this. i know it's full of mods.. so.. emm. yepp
so pretty... *spit climbs out of his mouth*

Thu, Nov 8th at 05:48pm (10 years ago)
akka says:


Thu, Nov 8th at 06:07pm (10 years ago)
relik says:

that is pretty much awesome. i myself am working on something based on NAIM.

well done! :D

Thu, Nov 8th at 06:23pm (10 years ago)
nosphere says:


uh, i mean... heck!

nice config, release it!

as Sathrark says

Thu, Nov 8th at 07:08pm (10 years ago)

oh...and thanks to pyro_ for some usefull tips!

Thu, Nov 8th at 07:10pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

It turned out fantastic, I love the LS goodies, and the subtle differences between the different mixture of the screen shots.

Thu, Nov 8th at 07:11pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Heh, you're welcome. Amongst the errors you somehow beat me to posting my review.

Thu, Nov 8th at 07:20pm (10 years ago)
ambulance says:

jeez this is really good, im going to pull out the 'pretty please share this' like sathrark but i understand if you don't want the mod floating around. i really like the foobar cfg, and the litestep seems really developed. this is def my kind of setup gj

Thu, Nov 8th at 07:59pm (10 years ago)

upload your visual style. It is gorgeous.

Thu, Nov 8th at 10:35pm (10 years ago)
qslig says:

fab shot <3

Fri, Nov 9th at 12:05am (10 years ago)
Hoodylum says:

Hate it when this happens. Something so cool is submitted and I know it mostly wont be released :( but if u ever decide to atleast email someone with it can i be one of them :$

Fri, Nov 9th at 12:06am (10 years ago)
egolatra says:

this is gold and win

Fri, Nov 9th at 12:39am (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Hoodylum, you can get close with the smpl LS and winamp.

Fri, Nov 9th at 01:10am (10 years ago)

wow. everything in this setup yells awesome to me. I especially love the foobar and firefox config!

Fri, Nov 9th at 05:40am (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

Awsome. Have to get this featured.

Fri, Nov 9th at 06:12am (10 years ago)
kowoolo says:

i looks very good. the only thing i don't really like on this desktop is the mix of round and edged corners.

Fri, Nov 9th at 06:16am (10 years ago)
Kapoios says:

awesomeness, everything just fits
i've never thought about combining two screenshots together before...i might try it in the future....

Fri, Nov 9th at 07:15am (10 years ago)
circa says:

That foobar is hot

Fri, Nov 9th at 07:30am (10 years ago)
Thinker says:


And that is all I have to say, thank you.

Fri, Nov 9th at 09:08am (10 years ago)
ALAS says:

wow, I like a lot of details of this VS!

Fri, Nov 9th at 11:02am (10 years ago)
finch says:

This looks friggin great man!

Fri, Nov 9th at 11:28am (10 years ago)
iTiVO says:


Fri, Nov 9th at 02:23pm (10 years ago)
Nunch says:

+2 for daft punk also.

Fri, Nov 9th at 02:39pm (10 years ago)
wHlTE says:


Fri, Nov 9th at 03:29pm (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

wow...no doubt man your best shot by date

Fri, Nov 9th at 05:09pm (10 years ago)

awesome squared

Fri, Nov 9th at 09:40pm (10 years ago)
naalo says:

The Foobar configuration is the best element in this great setup!

Sat, Nov 10th at 04:06am (10 years ago)

Thank you very much guys!

Sat, Nov 10th at 07:49am (10 years ago)
Damzk says:


Sat, Nov 10th at 10:13am (10 years ago)
shuvel says:

i liked your old style better. it's pretty good though.

Thu, Nov 29th at 06:02pm (10 years ago)
othum says:

Very nice...

Sun, Jan 13th at 06:50am (10 years ago)

thanks for the feature!

Mon, Feb 25th at 05:07am (9 years ago)
Thomax says:

no problem :)

Mon, Mar 3rd at 11:20am (9 years ago)
tehl3x says:

can you release..um..all of that?

Mon, Mar 3rd at 11:19pm (9 years ago)

looks awesome

Tue, Mar 4th at 06:35pm (9 years ago)
nitzua says:

I just realized I never commented on this, and I've gotta give credit where credit is due. Nice job.

Wed, May 27th at 09:15pm (8 years ago)

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