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Artist's Note

gaia that's whatsup, yizzur. specs...

theme => ECNMY Gaia by Imrik & Noovoo
wallpaper => TWP by Manicho/Khalua
icons => Gaia, Kobhens
iTunes, Objectbar => Both by SkyNetX
Miranda => Gaia by ?
IEView => Gonedark Polaroid Gaia Mod by me.

guest is bruce/thespillcanvas187, props.

Comments (6)

jsemgel says:

gaialicius :P

Sun, Oct 7th at 07:12pm (10 years ago)
KawsKadet says:

haha thanks :p

Sun, Oct 7th at 07:22pm (10 years ago)

hi! nice work ;)

i really like the wall but i can't found it

please, can u give me the link?

Sun, Oct 7th at 10:09pm (10 years ago)
KawsKadet says:

you can find it at manicho.deviantart.com, in his gallery.

Mon, Oct 8th at 11:43am (10 years ago)
09wkd says:

What emoticons are you using in miranda?

Mon, Oct 8th at 10:05pm (10 years ago)
KawsKadet says:

id love to tell you but sadly i don't remember the name of them :(

Sat, Oct 13th at 04:35pm (10 years ago)

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Created by KawsKadet
on October 7th, 2007


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