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Artist's Note

a little more than inspired by Nitzua's Elfin2 shot,
i simply tried to recreate it with Blackbox and Leanskin (The windowtitles/borders are not part of the actual VS, but of my attempt at recreating them in BB).

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

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Comments (10)

nitzua says:

you didn't have to credit me mate, but thanks :)

i'd say match the fonts & get a better firefox toolbar skins & youre golden

Tue, Sep 11th at 11:46am (10 years ago)
iTiVO says:

a better ff skin, like which? :)

am working on matching the fonts atm, criticism much appreciated

Tue, Sep 11th at 11:56am (10 years ago)
09wkd says:

Awww what the hell, I was working on one too :(

Tue, Sep 11th at 12:36pm (10 years ago)
09wkd says:

Mine is different though, would you be interested in including mine as a substyle iTiVO?

Tue, Sep 11th at 12:38pm (10 years ago)
iTiVO says:

not at all 09kwd :)

Tue, Sep 11th at 04:43pm (10 years ago)
iTiVO says:

uups, i misread your question.

I answered as in "i think its a good idea to have 2 styles on the elfin VS and it'd be a pleasure for me to have yours besides mine"

Tue, Sep 11th at 05:04pm (10 years ago)
09wkd says:

I misinterpreted your submission lol, i thought it was a bblean style, not a screenshot :P though, you should definately ask Max if he would include our blackbox styles in the suite

Tue, Sep 11th at 06:13pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Very good emulation of the VS. I love to see new things done with BBLeanSkin. You're improving by leaps and bounds. :)

Tue, Sep 11th at 06:30pm (10 years ago)
iTiVO says:

09kwd: Did exactly that with my new submission ;)

Pyro_: Thanks a lot :)

Wed, Sep 12th at 08:49am (10 years ago)
iTiVO says:

Thanks pj, much appreciated!

Sat, Sep 29th at 10:51am (10 years ago)

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Created by iTiVO
on September 11th, 2007

50146 This work is a modification of Erba by nitzua.


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