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Artist's Note

vs : elfin2 by max
litestep : a simple theme using the elfin2 popup
rainmeter: for the foobar I modded mkg by fiper and simplicity by AKH-Arazand. the date and time is dillr by spr33
icons : buuf by mattahan, LATE by fractal-design, and random mess by egolatra
the patterns are by mattahan

i liked the last couple elfin shots so much that they got me in the mood to do my own.

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Comments (13)

-_- says:

I'm a fan of the general idea, it's nice how you did the explorer patterns and the icons are definitely a good choice. Extra points for the modded (?) confirmation screen. However i'm not a big a fan of the wallpaper and the launchbar myself.

Mon, Aug 27th at 04:17pm (10 years ago)
Scfce says:


Mon, Aug 27th at 04:19pm (10 years ago)
Dehr says:

thanks pjdark, -_-, and scfce. @-_- - yes the confirmation dialog is modded

Mon, Aug 27th at 04:24pm (10 years ago)
Thinker says:

Noice, I agree with -_-.

Mon, Aug 27th at 04:39pm (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

i'm running elfin2 as well, this looks nice.

Mon, Aug 27th at 05:13pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Well, I like this, you managed to make a large variety of skins somehow work. I especially like the Explorer, clock, and delete dialog, quite cute.

Mon, Aug 27th at 07:32pm (10 years ago)
egolatra says:


Tue, Aug 28th at 12:11am (10 years ago)
tazio72 says:

It looks quite nice..... loved

Tue, Aug 28th at 05:08am (10 years ago)

i gotta say i love this... i never tire of those icons, use several of them on my work docks... i wonder if you could have vectored the wall somehow if it would have worked better? still, though, this is great and "fresh" lol

Tue, Aug 28th at 01:34pm (10 years ago)

very good, i dont think those are watermelons though :) btw can you share the wallpaper?

Tue, Aug 28th at 06:42pm (10 years ago)
biftek. says:

Where are the watermelons?
I see yummy cherries.
+ love

Tue, Aug 28th at 06:45pm (10 years ago)
biftek. says:

Ha, I also love the trash dialog. :D

Tue, Aug 28th at 06:57pm (10 years ago)

found similar cherry wallpapers here if anyone is interested (i still prefer Dehr's though)

Tue, Aug 28th at 10:13pm (10 years ago)

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Created by Dehr
on August 27th, 2007


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