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Artist's Note

This is not my best shot, but f*ck, I don't have time for more.

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Comments (25)

K4PP4 says:

This is hot. I like how the wallpaper looks in combination with this visual style.

Fri, Apr 20th at 08:22am (10 years ago)
adz_619 says:

woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww. You may think its a shit shot but trust me thats real good.

I am the one who doesn't have time!

Fri, Apr 20th at 08:22am (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

it came out great, you should never have been worried mate

Fri, Apr 20th at 09:01am (10 years ago)
egolatra says:

nice color combo

Fri, Apr 20th at 09:10am (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

definetly a good one

Fri, Apr 20th at 09:39am (10 years ago)
vsm says:

not good enough, have to start workin in the vs modding shit.

Fri, Apr 20th at 09:57am (10 years ago)
akka says:

that vs looks good on so many walls.

Fri, Apr 20th at 10:03am (10 years ago)
Nunch says:

I agree with the color combo. props.

Fri, Apr 20th at 10:29am (10 years ago)
cthu1hu says:

That wall is transcendent.

The overlapping of the elements kinda sticks out to me, but you know way more than I do about this.

Very nice looking though.

Fri, Apr 20th at 01:49pm (10 years ago)
vsm says:

thank you all for commenting :)
just gimme the love :D

Fri, Apr 20th at 01:59pm (10 years ago)
cthu1hu says:


Fri, Apr 20th at 03:17pm (10 years ago)
vsm says:

cthu1hu, thank you for that

Fri, Apr 20th at 03:35pm (10 years ago)

excellent work. im not a fan of the design in the wall, but i love the colors. everything flows quite well.

Fri, Apr 20th at 03:48pm (10 years ago)

I like the color combination with the wallpaper, very nice!

Sat, Apr 21st at 11:24am (10 years ago)
vsm says:

thank you all :)

Sat, Apr 21st at 03:45pm (10 years ago)
fate0000 says:

I dig it much. Esp the colors =)

Sun, Apr 22nd at 09:30am (10 years ago)
felix says:

that's amazing. great job :)

Sun, Apr 22nd at 11:31am (10 years ago)

i've been running a similar setup for a few weeks now, but didn't realize how good it looked with that wall!! nice job

Sun, Apr 22nd at 11:37am (10 years ago)

oh yeh send me a msg if you wants some rainmeter / rainlendar configs that go well with it ;)

Sun, Apr 22nd at 11:40am (10 years ago)

Chiral is such a pretty theme. The whole desk looks good.

Sun, Apr 22nd at 03:40pm (10 years ago)
Damzk says:

Nicely done.

Mon, Apr 23rd at 07:15am (10 years ago)
vsm says:

thank you all for the comments and for the like/love.

Mon, Apr 23rd at 07:03pm (10 years ago)
tumb says:

Incredible screenshot, I love it !

Tue, Aug 21st at 06:43am (10 years ago)

i wondering..how to download this??

Thu, Feb 11th at 01:46am (7 years ago)
Panos_P says:

hi all
can someone expain me something please?If i want a screenshot i must create it or i can download it?

Fri, Feb 18th at 03:39pm (6 years ago)

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Created by vsm
on April 20th, 2007


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