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Long time no shot so I guess this one’s good to go. Getting sick by seeing the same style for a long time I decided to go with a pretty unusual style (for me) and actually fell in love with it.

Anways, happy holidays.

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puer says:

Lovely. Great SS.

Love the xfce theme, and that menu bar looks great.

Fri, Apr 6th at 11:38am (10 years ago)
puer says:

One other thing, I'd get rid of those icons on the menu to keep up with the rest of the minimal look... Just an idea

Fri, Apr 6th at 11:39am (10 years ago)
ashura says:

I’d really like to so but then I’d have no place where my minimized but needed applications could reside. The tray allows me to quickly access my apps without taking too much space.

Fri, Apr 6th at 02:32pm (10 years ago)
quandar says:

Nice, but I second hiding those icons in the context menu specifically. As far as the tray goes, I make mine smaller, use the icon box widget, and autohide it. Works nicely, doesn't obstruct my work at all, and I have a ton of desktop workspace which is good since I tend to not like multiple desktops that much.

Fri, Apr 6th at 03:41pm (10 years ago)
relik says:

this makes me wonder what rissol's been up to.

nice shot, though.

Fri, Apr 6th at 04:39pm (10 years ago)
ashura says:

Oh, you did mean the context menu, my bad. Yeah, maybe I try it without icons later.

Fri, Apr 6th at 04:43pm (10 years ago)

blowing hot! love the vector of kasumi from DOA.

Sat, Apr 7th at 03:46am (10 years ago)
Emily27Fq says:

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Wed, Feb 17th at 01:30pm (7 years ago)

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Created by ashura
on April 6th, 2007


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