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Artist's Note

First screenie at the new custo - yay :)

24.02.07 / AXONKOLOR

*inspired by mynimal's 'December 7th' setup.

visual style: a little mod of Mire V2 by asuraci / aakio
litestep & miranda by me
wallpaper: National05 by Imrik
icon from the wallpaper
hacks from wint.virtualplastic.net

Screenshot Ingredients

Comments (21)

asuraci says:

A pleasure seeing another of your screenshots. :P

Mon, Feb 26th at 08:35am (10 years ago)
cyantific says:

Looks beautiful, don't know how long I could use it though.

Mon, Feb 26th at 08:56am (10 years ago)
aakio says:

Lovely Mire mod. Cool setup! Great music!

Mon, Feb 26th at 09:01am (10 years ago)
kowoolo says:

great setup, too :D

Mon, Feb 26th at 09:21am (10 years ago)
heylove says:


Mon, Feb 26th at 10:11am (10 years ago)
fate0000 says:

she's a beaut!

Mon, Feb 26th at 11:06am (10 years ago)
quandar says:

Woah... that is amazing.

Mon, Feb 26th at 03:36pm (10 years ago)
relik says:

awesome stuff! can't wait for the release, eh? haha. x)

Mon, Feb 26th at 06:05pm (10 years ago)
nitzua says:

you are very underrated here at custo...i'd put you at LEAST in the top 10 of current ss artists on this here site

Mon, Feb 26th at 07:21pm (10 years ago)

you're gettin' the crap loved out of you! nice work.

Tue, Feb 27th at 12:54am (10 years ago)


Tue, Feb 27th at 11:32am (10 years ago)

Thanks all for the nice comments! :)

Wed, Feb 28th at 07:32am (10 years ago)
quandar says:

Out of curiosity, with no close button for your windows, are you just using a hotkey to close them? Invisible buttons? Context menu? Simply closing by taskbar? Something else?

Wed, Feb 28th at 05:30pm (10 years ago)

Quandar, the buttons show up on mouseover ;-)

Wed, Feb 28th at 06:15pm (10 years ago)
Enceladus says:

Great screenshot or greatest screenshot?

Fri, Mar 2nd at 05:30pm (10 years ago)
qslig says:

that screen'sHOT ;)

Fri, Mar 2nd at 06:11pm (10 years ago)

Thats pretty sexy, I love the contrast between the black and the color. I also like the hack for the control panel. I have a few questions if you don't mind. Is the control panel hack from the hack site you mentioned or is it just in litestep? What other programs are running here (besides litestep and miranda)? And finally, what are you using to apply and what are you using to modify visual styles?

Tue, Mar 13th at 05:21pm (10 years ago)

Thank you!
The controlpanel is in litestep. Other programs running are foobar, firefox and styler, which is used to apply visual styles. To modifiy them, use StyleBuilder.

Wed, Mar 14th at 04:27pm (10 years ago)
joelb says:

Great ss. Would be a bit too dark for constant use though.

Thu, Mar 29th at 02:50am (10 years ago)
sukoto says:

Awesome. That vs is the sh!t. I love the setup too. Overall, amazing job.

Tue, Jun 12th at 04:48pm (10 years ago)
justified says:

very very nice!!

just one question:

how 2 make miranda so simple with any icons?

Thu, Feb 21st at 11:45am (9 years ago)

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