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Artist's Note

my first screen shot on my new MacBook Pro

kit: somatic
icons: somatic
wall: part of the somatic kit

man i love this mac

UPDATE:: New screenshot versoin

Comments (12)


pretty tizght

Mon, Jan 15th at 03:06am (10 years ago)
x0xf says:

how did you get your adium to do that?

Mon, Jan 15th at 03:47am (10 years ago)
sbbath says:

asuraci, im not sure but maybe because it doesn't follow the minimal "trend" that everyone likes.

end sarcasm

Mon, Jan 15th at 07:33am (10 years ago)
nitzua says:


Mon, Jan 15th at 07:42pm (10 years ago)
asuraci says:

I don't mean to offend but how does this get featured? Max: I'd understand if he got featured if he made any of the stuff in this screenshot but he didn't. There are much more deserving things in his gallery. And wow, you just pretty much confirmed that your admin status is bullshit. I didn't really have anything against you before but that was just stupid. sbbath: Way to be easily offended. I'm just saying that there's nothing special about this, you didn't make any of it. Max might as well have featured a Vista screenshot. Do you think you're exempt from this "minimal trend"? Have you seen your last few screenshots?

Mon, Jan 15th at 07:49pm (10 years ago)
cyantific says:

unique, but eww. maybe change the cap corners and ditch the texture

Mon, Jan 15th at 08:11pm (10 years ago)

Congratulations on your new macbook and getting featured.

Tue, Jan 16th at 10:15am (10 years ago)
akka says:

'gratz. fun setup.

Tue, Jan 16th at 11:41am (10 years ago)
staticuxo says:

just noticed the reup. again, congrats on the macbook, and nice setup!

Tue, Jan 16th at 07:03pm (10 years ago)

Nice first screenshot on a mac, congrats on the feature - but i like your windows screenshots a lot more and something like this really didn't take a lot of effort.

Wed, Jan 17th at 12:18am (10 years ago)
enspia says:

I think it looks kinda cute hehe :), I like that monster thingy-ma-bob

Fri, Jan 19th at 04:18pm (10 years ago)
mZtriZ says:

niceee theme.

Mon, Jan 29th at 10:16am (10 years ago)

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Created by sbbath
on January 14th, 2007


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