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052 20.11.2006

| vs: my mod of Elemental by splizzle
| icons: Decadence by fate0000
| litestep: Elemental by me
| wall: from my collection
| running: samurize, miranda, litestep, foobar, yz shadow, mozilla thunderbird, shutdown dialog by Houly
| configs: by me
| other: mods & tweak by me (thanks to pepijnnuland for help with tb)

And now im taking a big break from desktop customizing, modding and all what is associate with design. See ya later guys.


Comments (20)

-carnage- says:


Mon, Nov 20th at 05:41pm (11 years ago)

where can we get that VS?

Mon, Nov 20th at 05:56pm (11 years ago)
nitzua says:

sad to hear ur leavin us bro...youre truly one of the greats...

Mon, Nov 20th at 06:09pm (11 years ago)
koopey says:

Truly gorgeous :)

Mon, Nov 20th at 07:07pm (11 years ago)
fate0000 says:

^^ agreed.

Mon, Nov 20th at 07:15pm (11 years ago)
egolatra says:

heads up

Mon, Nov 20th at 07:41pm (11 years ago)
relik says:

it *might* look more sexy here than on deviantart. ;)

Mon, Nov 20th at 08:21pm (11 years ago)
scooby says:

i love you max in a non-gay way

Mon, Nov 20th at 09:13pm (11 years ago)

Positively gorgeous shot. If you're truly leaving, you're certainly going out with a hell of a bang.

Mon, Nov 20th at 11:25pm (11 years ago)

this vs makes me horny

Tue, Nov 21st at 12:01am (11 years ago)
avenje says:

great :)

Tue, Nov 21st at 03:44am (11 years ago)

-1 because i don't like the wall so much, but otherwise this is really great, i actually have a vs like that lying around with different colour schemes. One question, the playlist being Foobar i'm guessing the controls are foo_looks, if so i really wonder how you did the filling seekbar in stead of a moving button... circa That's not a column, that's the sidebar. You can enable it in the preferences.

Tue, Nov 21st at 05:12am (11 years ago)
circa says:

Looks great, how did you go about adding the playlist column in there? I've been trying to find the right format for it, but no luck. Pep, you know either? I'm using your mire v2 foobar, but, I wanted to have the playlist column lke max had. Thanks

Tue, Nov 21st at 06:54am (11 years ago)

Awesome shot :-)
Could somebody here provide a link to the original elemental vs, searched everywhere for it...

Tue, Nov 21st at 08:23am (11 years ago)
split says:

Supremely gorgeous shot. Notice: Anyone looking for the elemental visual style, can PM me here with their email, and I will send it to them.

Tue, Nov 21st at 08:43am (11 years ago)
akka says:

i've been trying to figure out how to do a progress meter instead of a button for the seek bar for months. great shot, if not your best :] enjoy the break

Tue, Nov 21st at 09:14am (11 years ago)
tehl3x says:

Brilliant as always, this is why you're my favorite custo'er.

Tue, Nov 21st at 04:11pm (11 years ago)
openwound says:

i used to have that wall, anyone have it/link to it?

Tue, Nov 21st at 06:16pm (11 years ago)
Maximhuz says:

Thanks guys for the comments. Pepijnnuland that isnt foo_looks, but samurize config, so i dont know how to do it in foo_looks, i have foobar 0.9.4 and i had never use foo_looks Circa i have done it in columns ui in this way - horizontal splitter and in it playlist switcher and column playlist, i hope it will help you ;) Openwound please PM me your email

Wed, Nov 22nd at 09:39am (11 years ago)
Quote says:

Is there any chance that I can download a package containing the needed programs and your config's to get this brilliant, clean and awesome setup?

Tue, Dec 9th at 09:23pm (9 years ago)

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Created by Maximhuz
on November 20th, 2006


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