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Screenshots / 2006-09-05 Roche Limit

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Artist's Note

date: 2006-09-05
os: Windows XP
shell: bblean
style: Ultra Blue
txt box: bbMemo
button: bbInterface
sliders: bbInterface
winamp: Capsule
wall: Roche Limit

Not much to see here. Only thing of interest is that most ppl who see this think winamp is a moon of the planet at first glance. >:] I loved the wall, so I worked around it. Ryan Bliss does nice work.

As you might notice from the menu, I usually use that for most my app access. The "boo" does a lot of things depending on how I click it... that and I change it a lot.

Oh ya... I figured it was time I uploaded something besides news articles. >;] hehehe


HeK says:

very nice and different, makes me feel like floating :o

Tue, Sep 5th at 11:45am (11 years ago)

I like it, kind of too dark for me but its a great combination of colors. Nice!

and I like that which says "EVE" in the menu.
If it is what I think it is then "Great game!" if it isn't. Well to bad.

Tue, Sep 5th at 05:12pm (11 years ago)

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Created by cuttheredwire
on September 5th, 2006


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