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Artist's Note

...a drink that i didn't like.
wallpaper :: ttffnr by c72
winamp :: mod by me
litestep :: my.bed by me
visual style :: my.bed by me
system hacks :: by me
-Dive for help and support
-c72 for producing such brilliant work
PM me about anything.
Feel free to e-mail me or IM me on AIM
with any questions
AIM: elatiion

Comments (9)


Well, i think ive seen that before

Thu, Jun 29th at 01:54pm (11 years ago)
fate0000 says:

Very similar to my setup - so ya know what I think.

Thu, Jun 29th at 02:10pm (11 years ago)
biftek. says:

Um nothing really matches.
The LS is extermely differnent than the VS, and the winamp is all black, despite the comon names.
I don't really care for this.
But I do see some effort put into it.
(And I do like LS it self.)

Thu, Jun 29th at 08:15pm (11 years ago)

thanks for the support.

Thu, Jun 29th at 08:43pm (11 years ago)
dmcconne says:

well.. wa & taskbar match the wall's window but lack the ls shadow. i'd lose the vs border. i'd lose the illumination the vs brings.

Thu, Jun 29th at 09:58pm (11 years ago)
relik says:

yeah, love the ls, but like biftek said, nothing really matches..

Fri, Jun 30th at 02:51pm (11 years ago)
bijou says:

i kinda like it...but its a really cliche style

Fri, Jun 30th at 07:29pm (11 years ago)
dive says:

the ls looks nice. :)

Sun, Jul 16th at 01:29am (11 years ago)

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Created by elatiion
on June 29th, 2006


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