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Artist's Note

This is the setup I use for my "default" litestep theme. It has everything anyone should need in a simple and familiar bar layout. I am actually considering submitting it as the default theme at the LOSI theme contest.

Of course I would need to strip out the weather scripts as newbies would have a fit trying to figure that part out.

And of course, the theme uses lscolor for infinite color schemes defined by the windows display applet.

Theme contains 2 RSS feeds, winamp controls, Quotes, lsxCommand, animated weather maps (regional & national), and bsetroot from bblean for almost limitless wallpaper options that also pull the colors from the display applet. No more searching for a wall that matches your scheme! Simple to complex gradients and interlaced gradients are possible.

Comments (5)

Tinbox says:

Big Daddy:

Been working with LiteStep since before OS2 so I know how to edit rc files. Do I think I know enough about current modules to show you a better way...probably not . I think DioS is right, maybe Xcal or West would be better suited to the task. Default Litestep v1.0 still looks great though and I can see where you are going with it. Hope you get the help you need to release it.

Wed, Jun 28th at 07:53pm (11 years ago)

That depends. Are you familiar with Litestep enough to edit rc files without hand holding? Cuz quite frankly I am looking for someone who can look at the config and maybe say, "That was good, but here is a better way...". I want serious feedback. Send me a note if you are interested.

Wed, Jun 28th at 08:38pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

contact xcal ;)

Wed, Jun 28th at 09:43pm (11 years ago)

I like the look. Maybe keeping lscolor would be a plus with the n00bs?

Thu, Jun 29th at 09:00am (11 years ago)
cerbie says:

Nice. Dull, but in a good way. I don't know if I could make anything as *simple* as Austerity, these days :)

Fri, Jun 30th at 06:44pm (11 years ago)

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Created by BigDaddy081002
on June 28th, 2006


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