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... | 048 09.05.2006

vs: by me
icons: /
bblean: by me
wall: pattern from website
running: samurize, miranda, bblean, foobar (tutorial: ), yz shadow
skins & configs: all by me
other: mods & tweak by me

have fun

Comments (14)


great samurize config. i had to agree about the wall, it hurts.

Wed, May 10th at 03:09am (11 years ago)
kowoolo says:

nice one :D

Tue, May 9th at 06:05am (11 years ago)
7sinz says:

A great one!

Tue, May 9th at 06:07am (11 years ago)
syretrip says:

i havent* seen anything like this before.
Great work, i love the colours, the pattern, the taskbar.

Yes,pls release the vs. as a matter of a -fact, just release everything! :P

Tue, May 9th at 06:44am (11 years ago)

release. that. vs. -begs-

Tue, May 9th at 06:46am (11 years ago)

all hail the king of samurize :D ...id hit that miranda too...kudos for linking to the foobar tut as well

Tue, May 9th at 08:31am (11 years ago)
nitzua19 says:

^^^ me forgetting my home computer is signed in on my brothers user name...

Tue, May 9th at 08:45am (11 years ago)
swmmng says:

Most of it's pretty nice. That wall, however, hurts my eyes.

Tue, May 9th at 09:20am (11 years ago)

i agree with swmmng... the wall is too distracting... but i love everything else. the vs is interesting... and thx for the link to the tut... now if i can only translate into english... lol, i'll try that at home

Tue, May 9th at 10:01am (11 years ago)
bijou says:

the wall hurts my eyes too :(

Tue, May 9th at 10:44am (11 years ago)
openwound says:

very similar to the surfstation website, but it looks good. i think there are too many fonts, and the wall is not so easy to use for a long time.

Tue, May 9th at 04:54pm (11 years ago)
Maximhuz says:

is similar because i take this pattern from surfstation website.. and the wall is easy to use for a long time ;) //peace ;P

Tue, May 9th at 05:41pm (11 years ago)
mince says:

Holy beans! I like it, and Lego is the shit :D

Tue, May 9th at 10:13pm (11 years ago)

All of your screenshots are awesome

Wed, May 10th at 03:49pm (11 years ago)

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Created by Maximhuz
on May 9th, 2006


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