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Artist's Note

Dedicated to my ex-girlfriend, since I still miss her, and she still means alot to me.

vs: asamov by visionleague

ls: asamov by me (based on vs by visionleague)

wall: in my memory by me (based on the colors of asamov vs)

amp: asamov/nano remix by me (asamov done by visionleague and nano by 4imp)

samurize: asamov by me (based on shot from pepijn)

logoff: asamov by me (with help from pepijn)

hacks: windows picture viewer
firefox chrome.css

startpage: asamov by me (based on asamov vs)

Thanks again pepijn for the help, appreciated!

note: not for share, since I dont have permission from VL for the litestep etc.

Comments (12)


4th place

Thu, Mar 23rd at 03:28am (11 years ago)

A melancholic contestant, eh? Here's a 100 to cheer you up. ;0

Tue, Mar 21st at 11:54am (11 years ago)

This flows like a river... great LiteStep popup, kicking Winamp and sweet wallpaper!

Tue, Mar 21st at 12:28pm (11 years ago)
ashura says:

I guess I couldn't stand looking at her picture all day long. Cheer up!

Tue, Mar 21st at 01:07pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

that winamp is s-e-x-y!

Tue, Mar 21st at 01:14pm (11 years ago)
c1ean says:

:) Yes, this shot definitely flows like a river. Everything does fit real well though, honestly! The LS is especially nice. Good work.

Tue, Mar 21st at 02:41pm (11 years ago)
dive says:

i agree, the ls is nice. but i really don't like how the popups overlap /:

Tue, Mar 21st at 05:08pm (11 years ago)
neodude says:

Nice, rather like the mire desktop envirment but with asamov, dig it though.

Tue, Mar 21st at 06:08pm (11 years ago)
bijou says:

really really clean, nice and simple

Tue, Mar 21st at 06:27pm (11 years ago)
staticuxo says:

i like the winamp alot.

Tue, Mar 21st at 06:32pm (11 years ago)
fate0000 says:

yes, very smooth.

Tue, Mar 21st at 08:59pm (11 years ago)
Nylons says:


Wed, Mar 22nd at 08:01am (11 years ago)

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Created by synaesthesia
on March 21st, 2006


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