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Artist's Note

Decided to enter this competition 4 hours ago, so heres a quick little something :)
vs: mod of clinical.
odock with (basic :( ) custom icons
wall by me ( :P )

simple but effective?

Comments (12)


6th place

Thu, Mar 23rd at 03:45am (11 years ago)
neodude says:

Nice and simple, i'd say best SS of the contest so far.

Mon, Mar 20th at 05:36pm (11 years ago)
Static- says:


Mon, Mar 20th at 06:06pm (11 years ago)

Not so sure about the window/taskbar corners, but that dock is sexy. Ditto neodude.

Mon, Mar 20th at 06:08pm (11 years ago)
nitzua19 says:

the corners do look a little off...otherwise, good shot

Mon, Mar 20th at 06:42pm (11 years ago)
amp.angel says:

Nice. Like alot of others... The dock is awesome. :) Nice job on that. Nice choice of colors. :D

Mon, Mar 20th at 08:16pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

lovely color combo, top 5 for sure.

Tue, Mar 21st at 12:56am (11 years ago)
staticuxo says:

i feel you could have done alot more, and shown alot more. some things look awkward on the vs, also /: to the left of the clock, the gradient is different. the corners look off, and the 1 px border around the stuff in the explorer windows. would've looked much cleaner without (: and that dock is really sweet.

Tue, Mar 21st at 09:39am (11 years ago)
dephunked says:

its my first vs, i struggled to get it this far to what i thought was the deadline of yesterday :P if i get time i'll tidy it up a bit more tonight,
is what i'm aiming for but i don't think i'll ever get there :)

Tue, Mar 21st at 10:01am (11 years ago)
Kul says:

Im really loving the coilors on this, Id really like to see that vs evolve. Why did you make the round edges on the taskbar on the top? I know you are trying to go with the whole concept but i always thought that looks weird, dont know if its possible to do the round edges on the bottom? maybe two versions of the taskbar? that would be cool, and I think the gradient on the taskbar could look better if smoother. Other than that its a great ss, one of my favorites so far, and of course, that dock is sex

Tue, Mar 21st at 01:03pm (11 years ago)
fate0000 says:

Colors are wild - tis a nice shot ya have here

Tue, Mar 21st at 09:17pm (11 years ago)

this is really good, love the graphics and love the music
solid steel and bonobo, oh yeah!

Tue, Nov 14th at 11:27am (11 years ago)

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Created by dephunked
on March 20th, 2006


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