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Artist's Note

Notwithstanding the fact that one needs some extra applications and utilities to make XP look good, XP is a very malleable, customizable OS. Hell, I have yet to see something better and more functional than the Start Panel and Taskbar.

With all the excitement over OS X running on Intel (and curently, generic x86 hardware), XP can still hold its own quite nicely if you have even a little bit of custo knowledge.

Windowblinds: Sustenance by KoL
Wallpaper: Seasons - Summer by KoL
Icons: icandy jr. by FOOOD (iconpackager and assorted icandy jr. icons)
Shellpack: icandy jr. by DevilinDisguise
GuiReplacer Shellpack: icandy jr. (default pack)
Avedesk in effect
Desktop font: Calibri
yzshadow in effect
Firefox: icandy jr. by Aaron Spuler
Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager
in effect
Rainlendar: Lucid by thechunkster (lol)

Comments (14)

LTD says:

My desktop res is 1400x1050, by the way, at a refresh oif 85hz on a 19-inch NEC. Lovin' the 4:3 goodness. So much roomier (and better aspect ratio) than 1280x1024.

EDIT:::: May I submit this *now* for the screenshot contest? Just wondering . . .

Well what a nice surprise! Thanks for the featured! It's quite an honour, after all this time, and in such company.

Thu, Mar 16th at 11:55am (11 years ago)
nitzua19 says:

87 eh? hmm...lots of programs, but it kinda just looks like default xp...colossus: this site stays in existence becase the default XP color scheme is thought by most to be F-U-G-L-Y

Thu, Mar 16th at 03:20pm (11 years ago)
JBboy says:

I agree with nitzua19

Fri, Mar 17th at 08:54am (11 years ago)

but it's obviously not just default XP, it's just using the color scheme. *gasp* omg it's not black and white!!!

Fri, Mar 17th at 10:50am (11 years ago)

i think its great for its simplicity... the whole point seems to be to show XP can be cool with just some minimal changes... i only don't like the size of the Avedesk icons... they kinda take over... but the wall, style, wb all rock and work well together

Fri, Mar 17th at 11:16am (11 years ago)
keterz says:

omg omg

Fri, Mar 17th at 02:15pm (11 years ago)
neodude says:

Have i missed something? This is basicly XP default theme but abit jazzed up

Fri, Mar 17th at 02:18pm (11 years ago)
PLmatt91 says:

Is that a WindowsBlinds skin?

Fri, Mar 17th at 08:00pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

^^ heh you silly :P ^^

Fri, Mar 17th at 08:38pm (11 years ago)
gh_st says:

looks fresh... i like fresh. i'd never use it but thats not the point.
thumbs up to that wall as well.

Sat, Mar 18th at 01:55am (11 years ago)
suffocate says:

I like it, it's better than seeing a billion of nano mods.

Sat, Mar 18th at 08:26am (11 years ago)
benkyo says:

i like it very much

Sat, Mar 18th at 11:29am (11 years ago)

Dare I say that is one sexy setup.

Sun, Mar 19th at 09:16am (11 years ago)
ino91 says:

where i can download it

Mon, Jun 5th at 07:08am (11 years ago)

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Created by LTD
on March 16th, 2006


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