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Artist's Note

A day off work because of the coldness... bored -.-

Still testing the xgl + compiz setup.
wallpaper: Up in the Air by geektechnu
Gtk2 theme : Darker theme by sysop
Cube background: float by Ether
Firefox theme: Fusion alternative 2

Comments (6)

Psyphre says:

thats pretty damn awesome, i really want to learn more about linux cos i know nothing about. Mind sharing ur knowledge with me :) ?

Fri, Mar 10th at 10:28am (11 years ago)

I am intrigued by these rotating linux desktops

Fri, Mar 10th at 12:08pm (11 years ago)
solxe says:

This really makes me want to test linux ^^.

Fri, Mar 10th at 01:59pm (11 years ago)

OS X Tiger also has rotating desktops. That's where they got the idea from. Why not give that a try instead? ;)

Fri, Mar 10th at 05:42pm (11 years ago)
SirPsycho says:

Why pay for OS X when you can get Ubuntu for free? In case anyone wants to test this out go to and download the live cd- I'm using Ubuntu Dapper, which you can get at

Sat, Mar 11th at 12:44am (11 years ago)
drooval says:

Yea Ubuntu kicks ass - although I prefer Open Suse. The 3D desktop and other window effects are great. It takes full advantage of the processor on your 3D graphics card so everything runs super smooth.

Sun, Jul 15th at 08:47pm (10 years ago)

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Created by SirPsycho
on March 10th, 2006


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