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Artist's Note

This screenshot doesn't do justice to this great combination. Check out the video at

It was a pain in the ass to get running with my ati videocard but well worth it.

Comments (8)

lukeen says:

you got it running with an ati card?! congrats on that :)

Sun, Mar 5th at 04:12am (11 years ago)
khelmir says:

breezy or dapper my friend? BTW i here the latest versions of compiz are going to play nicer with ATI cards

Sun, Mar 5th at 07:05am (11 years ago)
THC4k says:

i got that same setup :D pretty awsome and the expose thingy is the most usefull thing since .. the invention of the mouse or something ;)

the xgl stuff isn in the breezy repositories. On Drapper, the setup took me line 15 min. Very simple and it works great ;)

Sun, Mar 5th at 08:33am (11 years ago)

we've got a jumper

Sun, Mar 5th at 09:04am (11 years ago)
dephunked says:

that video is *insane*, i hope its as much fun to use as it looks, and congrats on getting it going :)

Sun, Mar 5th at 10:47am (11 years ago)

Nice, but they never told us where the got the idea from in the first place. =P

Sun, Mar 5th at 01:29pm (11 years ago)
SirPsycho says:

Thanks for the comments! I've customized my setup even further as I keep learning. Now I have a backround for the cube, no longer a black colour only. I've also enabled opacity plugin, which lets user to control opacity of each window. With the newest compiz build the effects are very smooth and fast. Currently Ubuntu is my os #1, probably in the future too. swmmng: I'm a Linux noob so I better only answer the questions I know the answers for :) It uses your display card to accelerate desktop usage (i.e. window moving and such) and adds various effects to it. You can find better answers @

Mon, Mar 6th at 08:27am (11 years ago)
swmmng says:

Ok, this is really nifty, but I've got a couple questions:

Is this an OS feature, or a separate program? What os's does it run on?
What sort of system resources does it use?


Mon, Mar 6th at 02:53pm (11 years ago)

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Created by SirPsycho
on March 5th, 2006


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