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Artist's Note

resubmit of my white stripes-themed shot...i thought it needed some polish, originally inspired by my brothers ss (blakjakdavey)

vs//areao4 (heylove) mod, by me
wall//simple photo layout by me
winamp//white stripes mod of mica (markovnikov35), by me
y'z dock//simple icons by me
miranda//simple icons, clist nicer, tweakui
samurize//simple config by me

Comments (4)


you made a great jobe themming around that pics.

Tue, Feb 21st at 08:45pm (11 years ago)
nitzua19 says:

that pretty much backs up jacks guitar god status

this list is bogus in some places...but it still says something...jack could prolly be even higher, lol & kurt cobain as #12...

dive: lol i just picked something and themed around it...they do obviously have a color scheme going

Tue, Feb 21st at 02:41pm (11 years ago)
dive says:


Tue, Feb 21st at 04:15pm (11 years ago)
abogs says:

iLove em..

Sat, Aug 25th at 08:27am (10 years ago)

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Created by nitzua19
and nitzua
on February 21st, 2006


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