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Brings Back memories. So long since i have seen a non-customized desktop. this waz just so fun that i wanted to upload it...

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Awesome job. So much customization.

Wed, Feb 15th at 04:03pm (11 years ago)
staticuxo says:


Wed, Feb 15th at 09:32am (11 years ago)
sexyboy says:


Wed, Feb 15th at 09:57am (11 years ago)
wilburg says:


Wed, Feb 15th at 10:10am (11 years ago)
ResoBrain says:

Delete !!!!!

Wed, Feb 15th at 11:08am (11 years ago)
swmmng says:

I'm so confused. That car is blindingly cool.
I'm with FrostedFlames; sarcasm doesn't do any good. Just be honest and say it's bad. Or at least not what is expected here.

Wed, Feb 15th at 11:09am (11 years ago)
Pokit says:

Wall paper+olive luna scheme != customizing. sorry

Wed, Feb 15th at 11:22am (11 years ago)

Sarcastic admin reviews... this site is heading in a great direction...

Wed, Feb 15th at 02:19pm (11 years ago)

FrostedFlames, define "heading".

Wed, Feb 15th at 02:37pm (11 years ago)


Wed, Feb 15th at 03:01pm (11 years ago)
khelmir says:

.. again these are the same admins that suspended me for a tim for giving something a 1.. now look at them

Wed, Feb 15th at 04:03pm (11 years ago)
carmatec says:

at least someone who noticed how to TRICK OUT the "Windows Desktop Cleaner".

Thu, Feb 16th at 05:38am (11 years ago)
amp.angel says:

Actually. It ain't so bad. Of course it is not what people here at customize are used to. But then again, the basics of customizing are JUST changing the wallpaper and changing the Luna color scheme. Nice job... seriously.

Thu, Feb 16th at 08:20pm (11 years ago)

tnx for comments. this desktop is not customized, but it remembers us, that we don't need customization, to work with computers, sometimes you can actually work, surf the web of play games wit non-customized desktop

Fri, Feb 17th at 02:28am (11 years ago)

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Created by erimeescel
on February 15th, 2006


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