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Artist's Note

-ls theme based on "mire - grafix by mynimal".
-wallpaper by luchtain

red text for explanation. ;-)

Comments (11)

v53.Leo says:

That wall. is so hot! I'd change the systray icons. ls. of course hot. (100 für at)

Thu, Jan 12th at 12:27pm (11 years ago)

Good ... Very Good.... Litestep Theme... clean and light... I like iconless themes...

Thu, Jan 12th at 12:47pm (11 years ago)
split says:

i like the idea of the tabable systray. i think you should also implement that into the vwm, amp, and hotspot box.

Thu, Jan 12th at 01:07pm (11 years ago)

i'm gonna be the broken record and say, yes i lke the idea of a tabable systray as well.

Thu, Jan 12th at 01:43pm (11 years ago)
luchtain says:

Looks real tight man, nice and clean. I agree with what split said, then it would be perfect I think. Good lookin desk ;)

Thu, Jan 12th at 02:48pm (11 years ago)

Diggin' that litestep! Tabable is nice idd. Great shot.

Thu, Jan 12th at 04:35pm (11 years ago)
jay_dee says:

Hell I like it just for having Megadeth in it. Props.

Thu, Jan 12th at 05:51pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

fresh ideas me likes.

Thu, Jan 12th at 10:37pm (11 years ago)

thanx for your time and your suggestions. ;-)
the tab thing is an old hat. AERO did it in 2001.

Fri, Jan 13th at 07:23am (11 years ago)
tfte says:

one thing i dig about having a vwm is that the taskbar is free of what isn't on that desktop.. maybe could work on that. looks okay.

Fri, Jan 13th at 09:27am (11 years ago)
7sinz says:

none-using-icons are in, right? i like it, too.
you used ls?

Fri, Jan 13th at 10:43am (11 years ago)

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Created by cosmo-krusty
on January 12th, 2006


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