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Artist's Note

Trying my hand at this whole back rectangle thing. :P Not very unique, I know. I can't see what I'm typing. :| It's got little details everywhere, making it really smooth, as well as green accents all over the place in small doses. I might put this up on my portfolio, but I won't release it on custo/dA, since it's not too unique at all.

WB: Experiment by me
Winamp: Experiment by me, mod of Nano but I'll make it more different than that if I release it.
Miranda IM: Experiment by me
Wallpaper: From sxc.hu, I forgot the link, sorry.
LiteStep: Experiment by me

Comments (17)

curre says:

its nice, but im not very fond of the large black rectangle in the bottom left corner. edit: oh :P

Mon, Jan 9th at 03:52pm (12 years ago)
mynimal says:

curre: That's the virtual window management. Nylons: I wish I could say something else than "exeed" and "rogue". In a less rudely-given sense (sorry, couldn't help it :P), there's actually tons of depth found throughout the suite. Buttons, tabs, dropdown menus, etc, there's always something eyecatching. Unfortunately a conversation window doesn't show all of that. update - I agree with you there. I recently got WB5 so I have tons more to play around with now. This will be my last trendwhore shot I swear, :P neodude: Hahahah, thanks. Hopefully I'll get better. God, 3.11 was ugly. :P - DioS -: Haha, I'll do something original eventually. :P staticuxo: Actually every theme using solid black as its dominant color should. :| dive: Oh no, we used the same wallpaper. The world is going to implode. Really, please, shut up.

Mon, Jan 9th at 03:54pm (12 years ago)
suffocate says:

god damn.

Mon, Jan 9th at 04:00pm (12 years ago)
Nylons says:

I wish I could say something else than "I miss some colors and depth"... update: I didn't say this is a bad shot, it's good, but 4 SS in the row since last night are using either black or white and flat vs/wb, that's kinda a little too much

Mon, Jan 9th at 04:08pm (12 years ago)
neodude says:

All this at 14, i was tryin to use windows 3.11 at school when i was 14, well done sir!

Mon, Jan 9th at 04:44pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

hey bro, you should risk... the b/w is so 2005. :D

Mon, Jan 9th at 05:35pm (12 years ago)
staticuxo says:

looks familiar...

Mon, Jan 9th at 06:04pm (12 years ago)
sticboy says:


Mon, Jan 9th at 06:51pm (12 years ago)
dive says:

hah, indeeeeeeed. theconcept:

Mon, Jan 9th at 07:04pm (12 years ago)

at least link to what u guys are talking about otherwise we're all in the dark // i think i looks pretty good

Mon, Jan 9th at 07:08pm (12 years ago)

i like it

Mon, Jan 9th at 08:02pm (12 years ago)

That's a pretty stink ranking. It's a good shot -- and your own work too. Top notch even though I can't really handle the black thing myself. Don't listen to the "clone" comments, everyone's guilty (or indulgent, whichever way you want to look at it).

Mon, Jan 9th at 08:56pm (12 years ago)

There are only so many ways to make a minimalistic style clean and stylish, without sacrificing appearance for originality. Unfortunately most of us were not around years ago to have created the first of these styles. Keep up the good work man, if you like it, use it. People like sticboy should be flattered so many people use their stuff, not aragantly cruel.

Mon, Jan 9th at 09:19pm (12 years ago)
gen01 says:

seen this before, but i like it alot. :) actually think i've saved this screenshot somewhere.

Tue, Jan 10th at 03:44am (12 years ago)
joelb says:


Tue, Jan 10th at 05:34am (12 years ago)
annex1 says:

I think this is fantastic and I would LOVE to have a Miranda setup like that. :D

Tue, Jan 10th at 12:18pm (12 years ago)

The last one looked better only because it had animal collective songs on it.

Tue, Jan 10th at 12:50pm (12 years ago)

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Created by mynimal
on January 9th, 2006


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