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Artist's Note

VS: Area04 by heylove
Wall: Migration by Zeek Barnaulsky
Icons: Albook by Laurent Baumann
Winamp: Polaris Clear by glaslego
Styler: Albook by Me (in progress, needs redo/touch ups..and permission if I release it)

Comments (9)

WillyT says:

Wallpaper is extremely neat, I don't know how well it goes with the VS but it looks alright, im sure there is a better VS you could have found to fit the wall, or a better wall to fit the VS... another thing the winamp doesnt fit to well.

Mon, Dec 19th at 02:12pm (11 years ago)
ranqour says:

Quite nice, I'd change the systray-icons...

Mon, Dec 19th at 02:35pm (11 years ago)

the winamp and wall look great on their own, dunno if they are too hot together though.

Mon, Dec 19th at 02:44pm (11 years ago)
- DioS - says:

that wall... that WAS...

Mon, Dec 19th at 03:37pm (11 years ago)

i love dillinger escape plan

Mon, Dec 19th at 04:29pm (11 years ago)
Wound says:

hey everyone. thanks for all the replies!
i agree that the winamp skin doesn't really match it. i'm actually having trouble finding a skin that does match withoutbeing to plain. it's a compromise you have to take in consideration. :/
If you got any suggestions, please let me know.
and the VS works pretty ok, although I'd change the greyness of the VS to all black if I could. Altho I'm not sure it would help much. I know the VS is supposed to be for more minimal stuff.

The wall has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. And since alot of you liked it, I'm linking it:

Oh, and.. any good way to change the systray icons and not using reshack for every program? I've been looking for such a editing program...

And yeah, Dillinger Escape Plan kicks ass. :P

Mon, Dec 19th at 05:01pm (11 years ago)
tflogic says:

that winamp doesnt really go well with the whole shot..ps. i'm wearing a dillenger shirt right now =x

Mon, Dec 19th at 06:40pm (11 years ago)
tktrack says:

try moding the nano winamp to match the vs a little better thats what i did when i was using area04. if u dont know how to its quite easy just open the different images in photoshop or even mspaint and it shouldn't be too hard to recognize what goes where. only very minor modifications to colors etc were needed to make it match well in my opinion. ps, at the drive in = goodness

Mon, Dec 19th at 10:58pm (11 years ago)
myndfucht says:

winamp looks similar to one stefanka never released. nothing really matches, but i'm not sure wat would for that wall :/ perhaps a dark VS like exeed? but the taskbar would need to be modded, cuz of the grey thing around it, i would just make it all black.

Mon, Dec 19th at 11:12pm (11 years ago)

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Created by Wound
on December 19th, 2005


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