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Artist's Note

its a rebuild of sinomes spring mod (spring by rioo aka whistler) screen ()
but my mod is based on area 04 by heylove

(4imp i love you all)

my own one

some own ones and Foton: BB | Minimal Icons by theconcept

my own one

its a GIF //////////
please wait some secounds

Comments (14)


oh ok its cool. Nothing spectacular to me.

Sun, Nov 6th at 09:33pm (12 years ago)
akka says:

chris, it's a .gif.. :x just wait a couple seconds.

Sun, Nov 6th at 09:34pm (12 years ago)
bslag says:

Simply amazing man. Id love to be able to use this one.

Sun, Nov 6th at 10:10pm (12 years ago)
mince says:

Great work

Sun, Nov 6th at 11:04pm (12 years ago)
Spectral says:

wow very nice. cool winamp

Sun, Nov 6th at 11:12pm (12 years ago)

Can't say much for originality here but the quality, completeness, and style is amazing.

Sun, Nov 6th at 11:13pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

i'd hit it

Sun, Nov 6th at 11:15pm (12 years ago)
riKo says:

a wall and a taskbar...hmmmm

Mon, Nov 7th at 03:16am (12 years ago)
sinome says:

looks grat man. like what u made out of it =).

Mon, Nov 7th at 04:38am (12 years ago)
Ravefx says:

AAAAAA I WANT ONE!! i got to say that since areo came out (using it all the time) your visual desktop is really nice, especially the start menu panel. Do you plan to release it?

Mon, Nov 7th at 06:33am (12 years ago)
Frenchie says:

That's nasty. Release the wall and vs mod!

Mon, Nov 7th at 09:58am (12 years ago)

would be nice to some some releases, just make sure whoever did those icons gets credit as well.

Mon, Nov 7th at 02:08pm (12 years ago)

This is excellent. Would you mind if I got the clist for that miranda?

Mon, Nov 7th at 06:23pm (12 years ago)
YouA says:

Simple and nice!!
thats really what I want +_+ hehe
can you send to me vs and wall??

if you don mind plz send to me ^^

Wed, Nov 9th at 05:46pm (12 years ago)

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Created by maxx1981
on November 6th, 2005


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