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Artist's Note

Theme: Bee3 by Gerrit Vanoppen
Wall: I did get it off of deviant art, but do not have the author, if anyone knows please let me know! I renamed the file on my puter and don't know!
Icons: Iconbase, aqualicious top 100
Widgets; Itunes flasher and jasaco calander widget

Comments (10)


Looks very maccish

Sun, Oct 23rd at 01:55pm (12 years ago)
dive says:

the wall is a little blurry but it's still beautiful

Sun, Oct 23rd at 01:58pm (12 years ago)

but only for Angelina.

Sun, Oct 23rd at 02:19pm (12 years ago)


Sun, Oct 23rd at 02:25pm (12 years ago)
WeeGee says:

fix the wall. She's rediculously airbrushed and it's also just a low quality image. There are plenty of better pictures of Angelina where thy don't paint up her face.

Sun, Oct 23rd at 04:02pm (12 years ago)
mince says:

Other than the wallpaper, that looks great.

Sun, Oct 23rd at 04:10pm (12 years ago)
sweetymac says:

Thanks for the feedback, I agree she is airbrushed I think that is the way the person made this picture...for some reason I like it but then again I like anything with angelina :) Oh by the way I never made the wall:)

Sun, Oct 23rd at 05:21pm (12 years ago)

Hey lips look almost like a balloon that you blow up too big... then wrinkles up and looks like a cats bumhole when you deflate it.

Sun, Oct 23rd at 07:26pm (12 years ago)
illem says:

nice but i agree with the wall comments. I like my little picture above your calendar :)

Sun, Oct 23rd at 09:03pm (12 years ago)
BaStar says:

how to download icons from aquabase :/ ? only buy :|

Mon, Oct 24th at 01:13am (12 years ago)

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Created by sweetymac
on October 23rd, 2005


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