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Artist's Note

Microsoft recently announced the new name for its next release of Windows, due in 2006:

Windows Vista.

This desk is based on information we have from the most recent Windows Vista (Longhorn) build, as well as Jemaho's unique interpretation of the Aero theme.

VS: Aero 5203 v1.1 by Jemaho
Wall: Official Vista Wallpaper, Jemaho
Icons: Mixture of Minium by RADE8, Jairo Boudewyn, WS Taylor, some default
Mobydock in effect
Styler Toolbar: Aero 5203 v1.1, by Jemaho
Virtual desktops in effect
Rainlendar: Shadow (standard)
YZshadow in effect

Comments (11)

advent says:

The taskbar looks a little wonky, but the rest shot is pretty decent. I dig the colors, but the Rainlendar seems a little out of place. Although I know this is based on another version of Windows, I can't suppress the urge to tell you to get rid of those default icons. :)

Sat, Jul 23rd at 08:03pm (12 years ago)
nicedeboy says:

Where can I get that VS? Love the orange!

Sat, Jul 23rd at 08:08pm (12 years ago)
LTD says:

nicedeboy, get it at deviantart.

advent: ;-)

Wallpaper comes bundled with the visual style at deviantart. Simply look for Jemaho, and you'll find this VS.

Imrik, always a pleasure seeing you!

Sat, Jul 23rd at 08:21pm (12 years ago)
fate0000 says:

Your screenies are always so informative :D

Sat, Jul 23rd at 10:03pm (12 years ago)
arkanbh22 says:

hi send the wallpapers for me...
i the visual style too...i dont can dowload

Sat, Jul 23rd at 10:41pm (12 years ago)

tastes like apple.

Sat, Jul 23rd at 11:06pm (12 years ago)
Gabro says:

Very Cool Style

Sun, Jul 24th at 04:54am (12 years ago)
arnette64 says:


Sun, Jul 24th at 04:20pm (12 years ago)

dude why would you ruin a review score by putting in a "3"....

Sun, Jul 24th at 08:42pm (12 years ago)
rapozaorj says:


Wed, Mar 15th at 05:25pm (11 years ago)


Fri, Apr 28th at 05:30am (11 years ago)

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Created by LTD
on July 23rd, 2005


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