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Artist's Note

phobos theme for fluxbox
-wp from deviantart
-flux theme available at boxwhore.org

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oddly the white boxes exactly match the custo skin I am using. Looks very clean and usable, without being ... too usable. Nice work. Fluxbox is for linux though right? bummer

Sun, Jun 26th at 05:01am (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

yeah... but blackbox is almost the same...

Sun, Jun 26th at 08:06am (12 years ago)
plb says:

yeah flux is for linux only, guess that means you should install linux ;] as far as blackbox being the same. I assume your talking about the windows version? I'm not sure I haven't touched windows in about 7 years

Sun, Jun 26th at 08:55am (12 years ago)
VictorC says:

the caption buttons on that theme, they have the juice.

Sun, Jun 26th at 04:19pm (12 years ago)
Digerati says:

very nice and clean.. where exactly on devart can i get that photo/wall? it's.. it's.. amazing..

Sun, Jun 26th at 09:08pm (12 years ago)

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Created by plb
on June 25th, 2005


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