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LiteStep by Aero titled "TILT".

Like on the SONE screenshot i use foobar with a skinnable interface called foo_looks. The last time i wrote nothing about it. The small buttons on the right bottom are control buttons for foobar. The text next to is a little samurize config with a clock, music track and links to folders for files.
If you want the wallpaper, please message me. And excuse the same colours. I think this is a really neutral background and works great with every skin and 3DCC you use. Okay. I want to thank akka for the winnerssociety link. Fluxen, BionicSystems, Shilo.



Comments (15)


This desktop makes me happy.

Fri, Feb 18th at 04:33pm (12 years ago)

im sorry imrik, usually i am in awe with your work but this one isnt just doing it for me. Thoughl, it still is a very nice screen, just not your best in my opinion - i think it needs more contrast.

Fri, Feb 18th at 04:58pm (12 years ago)

Besides the flower, its not very visually appealing.

Fri, Feb 18th at 05:26pm (12 years ago)

neat & clean as always but i couldn't use it. you know you have skills.

Fri, Feb 18th at 05:36pm (12 years ago)
shocks says:

visually appealing in my opinion, sexy and stylish. What more can you want ? beautiful desktop

Fri, Feb 18th at 06:09pm (12 years ago)
senex says:

very aero-ish. not bad, but isn't that great.

Fri, Feb 18th at 07:08pm (12 years ago)
corto says:

It's hard to stay with clean and simple sometimes. I really like your work, and I think it's interesting to follow your steps.
I'm looking forward to your next one

Fri, Feb 18th at 07:08pm (12 years ago)

Nice Screen But Not Quite What I Would Expect From You .. Usually You Amaze Me ... Either Way Its Better Than My Current Setup ... And Is Aero Going To Release That Ls Theme

Sat, Feb 19th at 12:07am (12 years ago)

I like the simplicity of the background. It is neutral, but I think it gives more focus to the windows in the front. Very stylish and usable desk.

Sat, Feb 19th at 03:16am (12 years ago)
mZtriZ says:


Sat, Feb 19th at 09:51am (12 years ago)
AeonOnE says:

Loving the simple and clean interface.

You might have spelt "DIALOGE" wrong...

Sat, Feb 19th at 01:05pm (12 years ago)
fate0000 says:

Very pretty and of course props for making most of the components yourself. The wall is wonderful as well.

Sat, Feb 19th at 06:29pm (12 years ago)
akka says:

slick - i like all the integration with the 2d parts of the wall.. your clock, amp, etc. i personally would want a little more contrast with the 3dcc, or none at all and keep the entire window uniform, but that's just me. stylin' :]

Sat, Feb 19th at 11:57pm (12 years ago)
arnette64 says:

modern and stylish, awesome

Sun, Feb 20th at 06:11pm (12 years ago)
Enaml says:

I'm glad you re-upped this. I always love shots by you.


Fri, Aug 22nd at 02:39pm (9 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on February 18th, 2005


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