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Artist's Note

I have had a clean desktop far too often and need to try something else (but not right now)

WindowBlinds is Sustenance port by KoL.
Icons used everywhere are ChaNinja SubZero icons by ChaNinja.
The wallpaper is called macthinkada_TigerMilk and I'm not sure where I got it from, sorry.
Also I am using YzShadow and AveDesk and ObjectDock.
That is all

Comments (6)


looks very slick. lemme say... i've always liked the ChaNinja set, and it matches very well with everything else. besides, blue is one of my favorite colors. good work!

Thu, Feb 10th at 09:16pm (13 years ago)
WeeGee says:

Ohhh my gosh, is that a VS too? Because god damn.

Fri, Feb 11th at 02:12am (13 years ago)
DFMax says:

wow good work!

Fri, Feb 11th at 04:13am (13 years ago)
Shenjamin says:

WeeGee: It was originally a VS :P
DFMax: ta :)

Fri, Feb 11th at 06:42am (13 years ago)
Newave says:

Wall is by Polimero for

Sat, Feb 12th at 04:57am (13 years ago)

Very nice. Great ss

Sun, Feb 13th at 11:50pm (13 years ago)

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Created by Shenjamin
on February 10th, 2005


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