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Artist's Note

My god. There are so many mac wannabe Windows. I'm surprised there are so little window wannabe macs with all these great skins here. Anyway, I just thought I would submit the first one.
There needs to be more mac themers out there (that have a more windows style). I feel alone here.
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Comments (19)

neodude says:

me 3

Sun, Jan 23rd at 06:27pm (13 years ago)

where can i find that VS?

Sun, Jan 23rd at 06:34pm (13 years ago)
Moskow says:

this one is simply awesome....being a mac this really perfect...6 stars...

Sun, Jan 23rd at 06:58pm (13 years ago)


Sun, Jan 23rd at 07:01pm (13 years ago)
akka says:

sophisticated, intelligent screen. i dig.

Sun, Jan 23rd at 07:08pm (13 years ago)
alseides says:

lovely. simplicity is a good thing, and this is a perfect example. (unlike many desktops i see around here, heh)

the third icon from the left (of your wallpaper, the "m") isn't by any chance the Miranda IM program logo is it? Just wondering because you you AdiumX.

Sun, Jan 23rd at 08:42pm (13 years ago)
Spectral says:

superb, I especially like the IM

Sun, Jan 23rd at 09:36pm (13 years ago)
iievu says:

What is the font in the text "five to four"?

I must have it!

Sun, Jan 23rd at 09:38pm (13 years ago)
Sygnon says:

if the five to four is your clock..... well that is just plain hot.

Sun, Jan 23rd at 10:45pm (13 years ago)

Hot... Very, very, very... Hot... O.O

Sun, Jan 23rd at 11:03pm (13 years ago)
doolaik says:

this is hot. a mac that does windows better than windows does mac. or windows for that matter.

Mon, Jan 24th at 12:16am (13 years ago)
sonic. says:

I really but really like this.

Mon, Jan 24th at 01:12am (13 years ago)
SellItAll says:

few questions
::one being i can't find the theme
::two how did you apply the icons (system wide or one at a time)?

Mon, Jan 24th at 01:23am (13 years ago)

Thanks for all the comments everyone. You can find the VS (er, DLTA) here:
Lievy: The font on the clock is merely Arial
Sellitall: The icons are applied with Candybar, so i guess you can say its system wide? but the icons in the screenshot are applied one at a time. Mac theming is still kinda in its baby stage, but I hope more people will get into it!

Mon, Jan 24th at 01:38am (13 years ago)

Wouldn't Anti-Mac be Windows? It still looks like a Mac to me.

Mon, Jan 24th at 07:58am (13 years ago)
Generic says:

this is a wicked VS ,looks great with the green wall ....i so liked the vs that i started working on a version of this vs for windows...great SS

Mon, Jan 24th at 08:49pm (13 years ago)

So wait...this is an actual Mac or the stuff is ported???

Mon, Jan 24th at 10:59pm (13 years ago)
GerritV says:

The Plaster theme was made by Takashi Izawa (). I made a minimalistic mod (PlasterAGV & PlasterSTYL) and distributed it with the author's kind permission. I included heylove's Serenity icons with her kind permission.
It would have been nice if you'd contacted me while mod'ing, we could have exchanged and shared ideas.

Wed, Jan 26th at 08:26am (13 years ago)
MrCygnus says:

still looks like a mac. like the contact list.

Fri, Mar 18th at 12:37am (12 years ago)

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Created by gruneeitelkeit
on January 23rd, 2005


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