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Artist's Note

A dedication to you enfusion

Samurize | InformationBand.ini by me
Dialogs | Thanks to WinT
Miranda | Custom made background and icons
Foobar | ColumnUI with Foo_Looks by me
Icons | Custom made by me
Visual Style | Prerelease of NANO
Litestep | Tokidoki by gear (changed graphics)
Wallpaper | Custom made by me
Firefox | Simple theme to get rid of the adress frame
3DCC | Prerelease of NANO

20 Hours of pure pleasure and customizing today! I love this setup and since NANO is released for a longer time now i really had to do a desktop with it.

Happy christmas and a great new 2005 for you all!


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Comments (19)

chiwou says:

nit schlecht herr specht

Sun, Dec 26th at 02:29pm (12 years ago)
mZtriZ says:

Nice wall!

Sun, Dec 26th at 02:34pm (12 years ago)

very excellent love the wall and the black taskbar.

Sun, Dec 26th at 02:43pm (12 years ago)
Spectral says:

nice VS, please release

Sun, Dec 26th at 02:49pm (12 years ago)
zorlac says:

wonderfull setup! I like the VS..is it a NANO modd or something? and is the email notifier a samurize config?

Sun, Dec 26th at 03:45pm (12 years ago)
Imrik says:

Zorlac. Yes it is NANO. A prerelease and the first suggestion i made for the theme. The notifier is part of the samurize config. You can do that with pop3 accounts. Sorry. I donīt know if you can do it with others, too. Thank you for the reviews.

Sun, Dec 26th at 03:49pm (12 years ago)
advent says:

That is some hot stuff, Imrik.

Sun, Dec 26th at 04:12pm (12 years ago)
scipioX says:

Wow what a good looking desktop. Everything just looks so smooth.

Sun, Dec 26th at 04:52pm (12 years ago)

that samurize config is awsome, release it! - i was gonna post a screen, but thats a hard act to follow :/

Sun, Dec 26th at 07:45pm (12 years ago)
sticboy says:

always a pleasure man :)

Sun, Dec 26th at 09:16pm (12 years ago)

I'm not quite seeing how the blue is relevant to the black and white. It seems very all over the place. The presentation is nice, I'm just not seeing a color connectin.

Sun, Dec 26th at 09:55pm (12 years ago)
split says:


Sun, Dec 26th at 10:21pm (12 years ago)

nano looks so tempting I may give it a try... great desktop, the wallpaper is awesome and everything else is very smooth. good one!

Sun, Dec 26th at 11:24pm (12 years ago)
fate0000 says:

always a pleasure :)

Mon, Dec 27th at 06:12pm (12 years ago)
soivu says:

Best desktop I've seen.

Please release that visual style! It looks super cool and I'm DYING to try it! And who is WinT? I'd love those dialoges!

Mon, Dec 27th at 11:11pm (12 years ago)
illem says:

Very hott. Man 20 hours of customization, better look this good haha. The dialogs are perfect and the presentation is lookin really nice. The Contrasting colors of blue and yellow make the menus pop very nicely. Did you render that wallpaper in a 3d program? And what app are you using for the small foobar controls?

Fri, Dec 31st at 12:55pm (12 years ago)
aakio says:

Still my favourite setup to date!

Thu, May 31st at 02:13am (10 years ago)
enfusion says:

Now I feel guilty for just seeing this 2 years after it's posted. Imrik where are you man?

Thu, May 31st at 09:48pm (10 years ago)
naalo says:

The one that really got me into customizing!

Wed, Mar 5th at 02:29am (9 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on December 26th, 2004


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