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Artist's Note

I did this during my winter break. It's pretty plain but itz enough for my everyday life.

Theme: XP - Nano Visual Style v1.0
Winamp -Untitled Winamp v1.0
Rainlendar - Moderna
Icons - ARROW icons pack 01 v1.0
Y'z Toolbar - Orbital
Y'z shadow
Reshacked AIM, winamp, icons

hope u enjoy, feedback would be nice

Comments (5)

WeSjUh says:

looks nice!
loose the windows throbber tho ;)
how did u get the startmenu on the right side? :P

Sun, Dec 26th at 03:35pm (13 years ago)
prototype says:

porno graffiti owns.

Sun, Dec 26th at 05:47pm (13 years ago)

A few stray colors here and there. Nice ResHack on AIM. Overall, it looks /nice/. Where can I get the wall?

Sun, Dec 26th at 09:54pm (13 years ago)
StrYdeR says:

if your using y'z toolbar why not hide the windows branding?

Sun, Dec 26th at 10:45pm (13 years ago)
HKALiEn says:

the reason i didn't take off binding is because sometimes the sites i go to has slow connections and when it does not move, it could either be me not cicking the link or that itz juss extremely slow. I kno it sounds stupid but it helps.

t-clock puts the start on the right side, forgot to add it in the list. Wallpaper is AD01

Sun, Dec 26th at 11:59pm (13 years ago)

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Created by HKALiEn
on December 26th, 2004


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