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Artist's Note

Wall: Hermik
Style: Hey Love
Winamp: Hey Love
Icons: Hey Love
Put together by me.

Thanks for the Feature, Really the credit goes to Hermik and Hey Love for creating such works of art. Thanks

Comments (16)

eyn says:

You probably should turn on ClearType for anti-aliasing of you system font. SHADED is the smoothest VS style I've come across so far and I'm still using it. Nothing beats its minimalistic appearance, esp with Tahoma font.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 12:31am (13 years ago)

A wallpaper, winamp skin and visual style. No hacking, nothing really that special. And it gets featured? It's nice to look at, but it doesn't deserve a featured.*edit* Sorry FF, I wasn't trying to be rude. It is a nice screen. I guess I just can't voice my opinion here.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 06:16am (13 years ago)
An0rph0us says:

Yea BigDaddy i was thinking the same thing but it does look good. I got one question though. I believe you are running the XP start menu set up how did you disable the buttons under firefox? I myself do not use themes and was wondering did the theme do that?

Thu, Dec 2nd at 07:56am (13 years ago)
Emp3danie says:

BUT... I Cant Seem To Download It... Id Love To Use It

Thu, Dec 2nd at 08:22am (13 years ago)

holy crap, thats almost an exact carbon copy of my current desktop.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 10:00am (13 years ago)
akka says:

emp3danie it's not something to download and use, just a screenshot of what his desktop looks like. to use it, you'll have to download the skins he listed in the designer notes individually, and then apply them. an0rph0ous do you mean the listing of a couple programs that are most commonly used? if so, you can turn that off from taskbar and start menu properties > start menu > customize (for start menu) > set number of programs on start menu to zero. And transitive; excellent job matching :) i can't believe i didn't see that, it's like they were made for each other. well done

Thu, Dec 2nd at 10:33am (13 years ago)

BigDaddy: I featured it for a day, its not like I gave it the Customize.org's Best Submission of All-time Award. Its a very nice looking screenshot and deserves recognition. I will decide what deserves to be featured. Not you. update: You can voice your opinion about the submission, but this is not the place to voice your opinions about admins. If you have a comment or question for me, then you can private message me.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 11:03am (13 years ago)
tktrack says:

wow, this is identical to what i am using right now...very nice.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 12:13pm (13 years ago)
m0ok says:

smoooooooth :D

Thu, Dec 2nd at 02:34pm (13 years ago)

haha bigdaddy got pwnt.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 02:52pm (13 years ago)
MuZI says:

Great Wallpaper, simple.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 05:10pm (13 years ago)

Lovely screenshot mate. Never would of thought, matching that wallpaper with Heylove's suite.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 06:11pm (13 years ago)
scipioX says:

sure looks good, but not to many hacks. I would like to see you use more of your own work next time.

Thu, Dec 2nd at 06:37pm (13 years ago)
qwertz says:

"we'll all get on alot better once you release i am god!"

Thu, Dec 2nd at 07:03pm (13 years ago)
Compo says:

very nice, matches quite well.

Fri, Dec 3rd at 10:30am (13 years ago)

Thanks for all of your Props.

Fri, Dec 3rd at 05:56pm (13 years ago)

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Created by Transitive
on December 1st, 2004


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