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Artist's Note

3rd Screen shot, and the 1st one using blackbox...

in the Screenshot are the notes... sorry to all the autors, i forgot the names >__

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whats the calendar app your using, if its rainlendar, whered you get the skin for it

Thu, Nov 11th at 11:38pm (13 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Dios, I think this is your best yet. The icons could stand to match a little better. And the Winamp could match better as well. But overall it's very good and it's matches pretty well. TheEvilCube, It says in his screen shot it's a Konfabulator widget, Bar Calendar. Update: You're welcome. Hey at least the icons and winamp match colorwise. =)

Fri, Nov 12th at 12:18am (13 years ago)

that calendar is hot.

Fri, Nov 12th at 03:06am (13 years ago)
- DioS - says:

Pyro_Thanx a lot, about the icons and the winamp i couln't find anothers that match better, and the icons that i making, are so far to be finished yet... no free time T_T // theEVILcube & FantasyZone well the calendar is a widget, and you can find it on the konfabulator site.

Fri, Nov 12th at 05:55am (13 years ago)
psyK says:

I like it! The vs u are using is sweet, but I canīt find it anywhere... =( can u mail it to me?

Thu, Nov 18th at 11:54pm (13 years ago)

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Created by - DioS -
on November 11th, 2004


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