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Artist's Note

Windows XP

Classic view with eFX skin
Foobar 2000
Object Dock
Miranda (by ere.mite)
Litestep (changed tokidoki by gear)
Changed msgina.dll, shell32.dll, netshell.dll
Some hacks in explorer
(All graphics not mentioned are from me)

Many thanks to WinT for the wonderful tutorials ;)


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Comments (19)

Pyro_ says:

Dang this is the first screen shot I've actually seen submitted by you. The first I've seen of the great Imrik's desktop. =/ All though I did see the FOURFX preview shot. Any ways it looks awesome, you don't see tan, black and white to often. It's got a overall clean look to it, and very very slick looking. Two questions... It looks like you're using two clocks? Are you only using the close button on every window? Update: Yeah I didn't like eFX to buggy for me, that skin looks awesome though. But you know you could just take out the clock in the Litestep theme if you don't use it. =) And I saw your other two screen shots, but I wasn't here when ya did 'em. Now I was actually here when you submitted this. =D Update: You're welcome.

Sun, Oct 31st at 03:32am (12 years ago)
Imrik says:

Thank you Pyro_ . Yes. I am using a little programm called eFX. It skins the caption buttons of your classic view and the one clock in the left corner is from the litestep setup. I need to say i know really nothing about litestep and so i made it only white and use the rainmeter setup for my clock. I have two other screenshots here at customize ;). I tooked the clock out. Thank you. I did not know that. CreepVassalage:
The dock icons where made with Arial in Photoshop. I used the font on the whole desktop together with another font called "Swiss 721 BT" . The graphics near to the scrollbars are from the website. Itīs one frame that shows the interview and the graphics and one side that shows the website behind the scrollbars. Itīs one of my favourite artists from Australiainfront. Haha. No cap. Itīs really like that. I only added the shutdown dialog. Thank you shocks. I was going to answer you at deviantArt. Everytime i use another pc and not mine here at home i press with my thumb but nothing happens. After some seconds i realize that there are no back and forward buttons on the side. Yeah... i use a explorer mouse and sometimes my keyboard when i am too lazy to take the mouse ;). Thank you for the wonderful feedback. Here is a .zip with all the things i used: 4IMPRESSIONS.net/private/SONE.zip

Sun, Oct 31st at 04:02am (12 years ago)
helloboy says:


Sun, Oct 31st at 08:07am (12 years ago)
Spectral says:

i'm awestruck.

Sun, Oct 31st at 08:45am (12 years ago)
zorlac says:

a-class stuf once again! classic view never looked so good!

Sun, Oct 31st at 10:42am (12 years ago)

Smooth stuff, I really like the dock icons and the colors strike a good balance between having enough contrast and not being hard on the eyes. I have two questions:

1. What font did you use for the text in the dock icons?

2. What's with the right side of your IE window (next to the scrollbar)?

Sun, Oct 31st at 11:13am (12 years ago)

dude i looked at that and didnt belive it was really your desk for a sec, i thought it was a mock up shot. WOW that is fucking HOT. That VS is amazing dude

Sun, Oct 31st at 11:54am (12 years ago)
nickel says:

i love the colours though there seems to be some font inconsistancies that disrupt the screenshot a little, maybe its because of the browser window's font sizes. overall still a very nice desktop u got there :D

Mon, Nov 1st at 02:41am (12 years ago)
2JSC says:

its definatly a work of art.... nice color theme too very soft but not too light. Great work on hacking the hell outta' evertyhing ;)

Mon, Nov 1st at 09:02am (12 years ago)
shocks says:

like everyone else said about this, this is hot, it is. It's a work of art, but i don't see how usuability works, especially for those windows, i understand why you would have just the x, thats the only thing i use too, but what about back and forward :S update try not to get some problem with your thumbs and other fingers from too much clicking with all your fingers.. lol

Mon, Nov 1st at 01:24pm (12 years ago)

I really like this desk, its beautiful...
i would appreciate to have that .zip with all the things in it, the link is not working now though...?

Tue, Apr 26th at 03:29am (12 years ago)
pojo says:

One of my favourite shots this one. Clean and original. could it be better? no! :P

Also; does anyone got that zip imrik posted? If you could help me ; you wouldn't just help me, but others as well. thanks :D

Mon, May 16th at 01:43pm (12 years ago)
abyssal says:

would really like to be able to get the zip that imrik posted. if anyone has it please send it over.

Sat, Apr 14th at 06:51pm (10 years ago)
aakio says:

SONE baby!

Wed, Jul 18th at 11:11am (10 years ago)
zep3 says:

Very pretty i would a tuto :D

Sat, Jul 21st at 10:29am (10 years ago)
brian8673 says:

nice ss. the link is asking for a username and password, i'm guessing b/c it is in the private folder

Sat, Jul 21st at 12:18pm (10 years ago)

stunning ss sir.

glad to see you are still in the groove.

Fri, Aug 3rd at 12:49am (10 years ago)
Tupi_ says:

awesome all. =D

Mon, Sep 3rd at 04:28pm (9 years ago)

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Tue, Jul 6th at 09:57pm (7 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on October 31st, 2004


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